January 4, 2012

Christmas Day for The Hairy Family Members

I've never understood the concept of buying a stocking for a pet - only to leave it empty on Christmas morning.

Our beloved varmints get spoiled for Christmas.  And this year was no exception.  Besides healthy edible treats - such as Duck and Yam Jerky - or - moist and meaty fish - there were a few other treats waiting for the crew when they woke up this Christmas morning!

This was Carlie's 2nd Christmas.  Considering all else in the world that grabs her attention - it's understandable why the girl would forget about this special holiday.  We may have fixed that.  She just may get excited next year - as much as Zucker got excited this year!

<Carlie>:  " Hey!  Get outta here, Zucker!  You got yours.  This is Mine! "

<Carlie>:  " Ohhhh.. and this is mine, too! "

<Spinner>: " Ohhh, man.  Just what I wanted!  I can dig my nails into this without her yelling my head off! Ohhhh, my gawd.  CATNIP!!  It's loaded with Catnip! "

<Zucker>: " Jen.... I got a new Hoodie, too!  Whatchy'a think? "

<Jen>:  " Pretty Cool, Zucker!  Let's see how ya' look with the Hood on your head! "

Mug Shot!

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Deb said...

LOL Love the mug shot...and yep, gotta include the fur babies! :)