January 7, 2012

Moving Forward into 2012

It’s official.  Zucker is 99% back to his ‘ Old Self ‘ - and I am having to fight for my spot in the bed every night - once again.

One other official note - sadly - is our count of hens now being down to only 8 layers.  This lady became egg bound.  After 4 days - we gave up.  No improvement.  And the situation was not helping my work load - to say the least.

I’m thinking very seriously about toughing it out this year - and caving to getting a Roo.  We’re down to an average of only 3-5 eggs per day.

As for progress around the property - we’ve been taking advantage of the weather - as well as the weather conditions.  Sometimes - odd can be good.

I’ve been able to let The Girls range and head for their favorite place under the wood shop - where they can take dirt baths in something loose and sandy!  Right now - they’re finding quite a few baby slugs in the grassy areas.  “ Hmmm…..

Between filling ‘ The Hole ‘ with burnable debris ( we refuse to burn anything containing chemicals ) - and clearing a fence line - there’s been plenty for a good old-fashioned Texas A&M Aggie Bonfire!

No.  We didn’t get around to piling it all up and inviting the crowd up here.  ( Personally - I’m not so sure folks around here could handle the excitement. )

But Hubs has been able to get the piles out on the pasture burned down.

And most of everything is gone in ‘ The Hole.

Burning was easy.  The ground is soaked.  And there was water in ‘ The Hole ‘ about a couple feet deep.

The last of these should be gone by Sunday.  But there remains about a third of the fence line needing to be cleared.  One thing that keeps us from worrying is - the job will be done.  One way or another - we will get it done.

The inside of the house may turn upside down if I have to go out and help.  And we may eat a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.  But it will get done!  And one other true fact we can always count on…

There will always be a fight with splinters.  Some still manage to get through the leather gloves.

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Deb said...

Isn't this weather wonderful!!! Least for getting extra work done outside it is. Gotta love a mild winter...although I have no doubt it will eventually catch up to us and actually feel and look like winter one of these days. LOL Still looking forward to spring, even if we haven't had a bad winter so far. :)

Glad your furbaby is doing so much better!