January 12, 2012

Tasty Treats on a Tacky Day

Here in our area - we are all enjoying the excitement from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition being in Knoxville - dropping a miracle of a surprise on one of our local families.  More about that later.  But - there’s a sad point to that scenario.

The Weather has been absolutely awful.  As goes reports from other areas of the country - the spring bulbs are being confused in our yard.  All any of us can do is hope they all don’t pay the price before spring arrives.

It’s very difficult to fulfill a dream of completely building a brand new home for a family - when the winter rains enter the scene.  And right now - there are at least 1000 volunteers battling this huge obstacle from Mother Nature - right along with Ty Pennington and the entire EMHE team.

We are expected to have a few days of sunshine - beginning on Friday.  However - that 7 Day Time Clock began on Tuesday.

And the sunshine will be very deceptive.  Temperatures are expected to float between 37* - 52* during the daytime - 22* - 35* during the nighttime.  And all these folks are working around the clock.

The weather was insane yesterday.  It was as if Mother Nature were going through Menopause.  By daybreak - I was able to take these shots.

Within less than an hour - this mess was all over us here at the house.  It was loud - heavy - and full of thunder and lightning.

By the time all this made it to Knoxville and other surrounding areas…

This became the scenario at our house!  It was - just - shocking!  All of a sudden - everything was just so gorgeous outside!

I headed back inside to finish all my baking.  Besides making Lemon Bars for Hubs - I got busy with those “ Plans “ I had for the Candy Canes used on the Candle that I posted about a couple days ago.

I call this a Roll of Pure Sin.  And you can check it out by clicking here!

We got to enjoy the wonderful sunshine for only a couple hours - before I heard the rumble of thunder return again.  I found this happening when I stepped outside for a short time - before we were hit with another wave.

This time - the rain was being pushed sideways.  The house shook.  The thunder and lightning were wild as before.  And Thank God - the Benedryl was still working on Zucker!

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Deb said...

Wondered if the warm weather was going to trick some things into thinking it was spring. I haven't gone looking around here yet. Course winter is back here for a little while....and it feels darn cold out there after being spoiled with warm temps. LOL