January 13, 2012

Why I'm Voting for Fmr. Gov. Buddy Roemer for POTUS in 2012

Buddy is the only candidate with executive, legislative, and private sector experience

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Check him out at www.BuddyRoemer.com 

NOBODY can AFFORD NOT TO LISTEN to this man.  He could be our saving grace in this country.

Personally - I cannot wait until we have the next election for Congress and Senate.

My goal - I will be voting OUT all Incumbents in my area.  I will be voting according to THE CANDIDATE and NOT THE PARTY.

We need to completely sanitize the House and Senate.

What makes me so frustrated is watching how all the media opens the doors to allowing the "damage control" to reclaim gullible minds.

I get the concept of 'fair and balanced' news.  But not at the point where there are maneuvers existing which could have an obvious harmful effect to the best interest of this country's people.  Allowing the bold lies to come in for 'damage control' only shows the bias that truly exists in that news entity trying to claim itself to be fair and balanced.

Most would think I'm speaking of Fox News, due to their use of that term for advertising.  In fact - I am not.  Simply - I can SEE the effort they're attempting to portray.

Sadly - there are those not paying attention and not caring enough to become intellectual, deeply enough, over the matter of our country's dilemma.

That in itself - is what is destroying this country.  And I cannot understand why any grown man with a family would allow himself and his wife to be tethered by crooks holding their survival for ransom - when it will never be enough.  They will continue to squeeze - as long as the work force allows them.

I wish this entire country would stop long enough to take a serious and thorough look at what Corporate America is being allowed to do to this country's people.

They are destroying the Family Unit.

They want this country operating just like a Bee Colony.

Three Shifts - 7 Days per Week... That has become not even enough.

The day is coming when none of us will see a dime of the family's paycheck.  It will be gone before you get home on payday.

Corporate America will continue cutting wages and benefits.

Retail - Real Estate - Grocery - Energy - and Services will continue jacking up the prices.

It will never be enough for them.

There would only be 1 way to stop this madness.

The People of This Country - ' The Little Man ' - Every Voter earning less than $100,000.00 per year needs to REFUSE TO WORK ANYTIME BEYOND MONDAY - FRIDAY BETWEEN 8AM - 5PM.

If everybody clocked out and/or refused to clock in after 5pm on Friday... then refused to show back up to clock in until Monday at 8am...

Corporate America would find out within a week - that they DON'T hold us all by our necks.  They ARE NOT the big bear in the woods.  They CAN NOT destroy our children's lives.  And THEY DON'T SURVIVE WITHOUT US.

Until that happens - WE have to take the blame for all this mess that's happening to so many lives in this country.  Because WE do nothing - and allow it to happen.

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Deb said...

It's to bad he doesn't have much of a chance...cause it does sound like he might be LOTS better than most of the others who have a better chance at winning.