January 11, 2012

Rain - Thunder - Lightning - And Coffee!

At 4:30am this morning - I was out walking dogs - with a flashlight.  The Girls were tended to - their light turned on - water and feed all refreshed.  And Thermos’ were warmed with hot water while the Coffee supply was made ready.

Oh, I think I earned a couple Brownie Buttons this morning.  Maybe even a few Girl Scout Patches!  I remembered to look at the weather map!  And we got ready in this household!

I’m not puttin’ up with dogs that need to go - but won’t go unless I carry the umbrella and go out with them!

Not in this mess!

What’s wrong, Mama?  You somebody who can’t handle keeping the sugar from melting?

1 comment:

Deb said...

LOL love the photo of your fur baby, to cute! Can't blame you for not wanting to take the dogs out when it's raining...I wouldn't either. :)