January 3, 2012

Perfect Excuse to Get A Lot Accomplished Inside!

Onward to catching up with photos taken over the holidays.

Hubs maneuvered his suave self into getting me to agree to the two of us opening one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve.

Can you tell?  He is flat-dab in his glory.  He’s in a Trans.

An Xbox360 Trans… his gift from me.

We've always been the ones to sit back and watch the response and reaction to products for a while - after they've come out onto the market - after the majority of kinks have been exposed - after corrections have been made - and after the prices have all come down.

But this time - it was about the investment - as a whole.

My husband deserves the best for all he does in this world.  He's a very hard-working man.

And the performance of the Xbox360 finally caught up with its own hype.  Amazing - the things it can do!  Games - DVD's - Online and live capabilities.  This bundle came with the Kinect, as well!

This household participating in the “ Buy At Least One Gift Made in America “ campaign this year - in a “ double whammy “ kinda way!

Among so many issues that my husband and I share common belief in and support - the issue of " Made In America " is one that each and every single one of us need to stand up and fight to regain.

We have every right to produce our own goods in this country.

And of all things - this little gem speaks volumes - in many ways!

This was my gift from Hubs.  I love it!  Fits perfectly in my hand - exactly the way I wanted.  Not an easy task.

I’ll have no problem using this one to draw Zucker back home when he goes AWOL.  Gunshots and fireworks make him run home and find the underside of a table.  And of course - there’s the issue of any idiots stupid enough to attempt entering our home uninvited and / or with bad intentions.

Hubs has a Taurus .45 automatic. Way too big for my hand.  I have to fight for reaching the trigger.

If I were forced to use it to protect myself - I'd only feel comfortable holding it in both hands - pointing - and just emptying the clip.

Any idea about me being able to act fast with going through any other protocol with a break between shots could get the gun wrangled out of my hands and used on me - even if the first shot was a hit.

( Photos of the 4-legged residents enjoying their presents coming tomorrow! )

We were seeing the first run of snow flurries just before we went to bed last night.  Woke up to about a half-inch of snow on the ground this morning.

We also woke up to temperatures of 22* - which was warmer than the 17* low that came in through the night.

I had turned on the heater for The Girls around 5pm yesterday - using the 12-hour timer setting.  I only waited about an hour after it was due to shut off - before heading out to reset the heater this morning.  Temps inside the coop had already dropped from 65* to 41*.

For some odd reason - temps will drop a couple degrees lower in the early mornings - just before sunrise.  We’d gone from 22* back down to 18* by the time I’d headed out to reset the heater.  And our High temp is expected to peak at only 28* today.

I’m just not so sure we’re gonna slide by with a mild winter this year.

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Deb said...

LOVE the gift your hubby got you, how cool!! I used to be a really good shot when I was growing up...haven't shot much since we got married, so probably lost some of that. Need to remember to find time to target practice every summer but somehow they usually slip by without doing it.

It's cooler here too, although suppose to warm back up today, so we will see. I fully expect winter to hit one of these days...just hoping it waits (or least isn't to bad) till after DH's doc appointment towards the end of the month. It's for his back, and we can't reschedule it to well, cause they are really busy...so I'd hate to miss it, just cause we can't get out of our driveway. LOL