January 2, 2012

Some of Life's Choices

I love Digital Scrapbooking.
It’s my fantasy world. It’s where I get to escape.

But Life...
Is flat-dab robbing me of that joy.

There is just no time in my life for being able to take the time to enjoy becoming creative with my layouts.

When that time is pinched - my creative juices become muddy.
And when that happens - my passion begins to suffocate.

I’ll give it up before I allow that to happen.

Maybe someday - I’ll get to go on a vacation...
And win some time to enjoy one of my dearest passions.
Heartbreaking for me.

As of now...
There is barely enough time to get photos posted.
But I will live with that.

It’s important that I make these types of choices
for the best interest of life around our home.

We’re anticipating additions in our life
that will require attention pinning us down to the clock.

Before the end of this year - God willing…

It won’t matter if there’s 3 feet of snow outside.

It won’t matter if there’s 60mph winds blowing.

It won’t matter if the rain is coming down hard enough for Drivers ( smart ones, anyway ) to pull their 18-Wheelers off the road and park.

Something will need to be fed.

Stalls will need to be cleaned.

And - Something just might need to be milked!

For the unknowing...
Milking anything gets done twice a day.

All the above combined
will shove all the other priorities into a tight corner!

And I can already see the real fun.

Imagine running up and down basement stairs
to deal with laundry - while you’re waiting on the 1.5 hours
for the pressure canner to finish.

In between - you’re running out to check on chickens and eggs - moving their tractor around to keep those wenches happy enough to make their feed bill worth it.

And I’ll just bet you haven’t even considered what the hell I was doing before I got all those jars stacked inside that pressure canner.


Trust me.
That's not even putting a dent in the list for the day.

If you ever come inside my house and my floors are not spotless…

Don’t you dare say one single word.

If we were meant to live with clean floors
around the clock in this household

We’d be living in some scrawny apartment -
in the middle of town -
next to a Starbucks.

The saddest part…
I have blogger friends that understand this
a whole lot more
than family and/or lifelong acquaintances.

I can live with that.

I know this.

Because I am living with that.

And I'm far from counting any loss being mine.

Our First Christmas in Our New Home - 2008!

My Husband and I are truly blessed.

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Deb said...

I know what you mean about scrapping time...it's not something I've been able to find time for myself. I'd love to get my yearly photos onto some pages, even if they aren't real good...but so far I've not manged to for a while. *sigh*