December 13, 2011

One Foot in Front of The Other

Well… the drains are out. ( This is one of the not-so-gross wounds. )  All the stitches can’t be removed until next Saturday.  But Zucker is beginning to get around a little better!

Can’t say much for my ( now  ‘decorative ‘ ) Sage plant - which he has chosen as the easiest target for pissing.  But ( English version ) - ‘ Good Sugar( not ) is feeling much better!

As for me - I couldn’t even tell you the date or what day of the week it is right now.

I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I did manage to get 10 pints of homemade chicken soup canned for Hubs to take to in his lunch for work.

I’ve been baking pies like crazy.  I am loving the deep-dish pie plates.  However - I learned with the first cherry pie.  One must double up on the filling for these plates.

But you’re guaranteed to win hearts - and start lots of fights!

I’ve spent very little time sitting over the past week.  My feet and calves can testify.

Been just a little bit busy!

Added a few goodies to our Christmas get-up this year!

Enhanced a few others.

The ornament here, is one that Grandma Bea - my birth father's mother - gave to me - Christmas 1992.  She made it with a loose tea strainer - sequins and beads.  I love it!  I've always been picky about it!  I think of her every time I even glance at it.

We decided not to decorate outside the house.  The behavior of utility companies across this entire country is pure nonsense - totally uncalled for.

Why become one more sucker?

Instead - we did choose to bring a few decorations inside the house.  And we turn them on for a while - during evenings - before going to bed.

By the time I got the garland settled over the kitchen cabinets - it was impossible to see anything else sitting up there.

I love this very old metal picnic box that I found at one of my favorite treasure shops.  Chose to have a little fun with it!

And the tiny lights I found at Loudon Mercantile are so adorable here!  Perfect for this spot!

My list keeps growing.  And it’s now time to go set up everything for baking a couple loaves of bread.

For now - Here’s the greatest thought for today!


Queenacres said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I am glad that Zucker is doing better. Sounds like you could use a nice cup of hot cocoa!

Deb said...

I'm glad your furbaby is doing better! You baking (and canning) looks so yummy too. :)

Shanster said...

It's beautiful! Oh man.. poor, poor Zucker. What a sweet face... I'm so sorry. Glad he will be ok!!