December 3, 2011

Angels and $425.00

" Zucker "

- Update -

For whatever reason - Dwayne was led to come home early from work - to go help find Zucker.

After making rounds to a few houses - he was at a neighbor's house - up on another hill and over about 25 acres from us - when he heard all the growling.

The female dog belonging to people owning a couple lots that we share access with through our driveway...

She got ahold of Zucker down at the church across from us all.  We have neighbors that witnessed the whole thing.  That lady and her two sons had Zucker in their pickup by the time Dwayne got there.

Note to Chris and Katie......

Get Ready!!!

You people NEVER take care of your animals.

You let 'em breed like rats.

You let 'em run wild all over everybody else's property.

I've sat from my kitchen window watching them kill calves.

And the one day my dog manages to skip out when I'm sick as a dog and not supposed to be outside...

It only makes sense that it would be your dogs.

That black and white bitch of yours came very close to tripling that $425.00 vet bill - barely missing destruction of his anus.

And if you think that's funny...

Consider the next time your dogs are found on our property, again.......


Deb said...

Oh no, hope you find your fur baby!

Queenacres said...

Oh my! I'm glad you got him back and that he's safe now!

Deb said...

Glad you found Zucker...hope he is ok!

Phelan said...

Thoughts to you all.

and shoot well.

d.a. said...

I'm so glad that Zucker's injuries were non-fatal, but oh, those vet bills! Ouch!

In Texas, you're allowed to shoot any stray animal that wanders onto your property. I know my dogs run that risk any time they escape, and I've pulled out the rifle a few times when an unknown dog has come onto my property (before getting my own livestock guardian dogs to protect the chickens & waterfowl).

I wonder if you have similar laws in your area? Or maybe a BB gun to keep by the door to warn instruders off? Barring these measures, maybe a roundup by Animal Control could be arranged?

WeldrBrat said...

There are a few moments when the laws in Tennessee can be a bit... odd. Okay... strange. Animal Control will do nothing at all... unless they see it with their own eyes. And you can only shoot an animal on your own property if it threatens the safety of life.

Personally - I count their presence and known mind of aggression to be enough of a threat.

And yep... the pellet gun sits by the back door. But right now... there's a Taurus .45 automatic sittin' on the dining table, as well. ;/