December 14, 2011

Homemade Bread Can Spoil You Rotten!

Been a while since I last made a couple loaves of bread.  Unlike several other examples I could use - this little habit was as easy and carefree as getting back on a bicycle.

Much easier than roller skates - which would surprise some folks that know me.

I’ve been had skates more than bicycles in my life.

The surprise came about 15 minutes after I pulled ‘em out of the oven.  Hubs couldn’t wait until they were totally cooled off - like you’re supposed to do.

We dug in!

And we dug into this - earlier this week!

Now these - I have not made in years - until this past week.

Carlie wants another title added to her name!

Cow with no legs - Sexy Feet - Spicy Bitch - Gift from Heaven

How ‘bout that one?

She’s just a bit of everything - all the way down to eatin’ the Jalapeno Peppers!

It’s another swamped day here.  And one thing is for sure.

I will survive.

My mind may waiver - I may run out of paper and ink from making all the lists.

But God will keep my feet moving one in front of the other.

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Deb said...

Our furbaby, (peaches) LOVES homemade bread! When we have it out to use, she starts barking at us, till we give her some...and when I pull it out of the oven, she sits looking up at the counter where it is, with her nose in the air sniffing that wonderful fresh bread smell. DH is the one who spoiled her....and taught her how wonderful it is, by giving it to her a lot. LOL