November 29, 2011

Refinancing During Holidays - Tastes like Cardboard

Wow.  If you looked around here right now - this view would seem like a memory from a very long time ago.  Oddly - this was the view on Halloween Day of this year.

Less than a month ago.  But today - it looks like winter - already.  And it feels like that this morning - as well.

We’ve been scrambling around here.  Preparing the house for an FHA Appraisal to refinance the house.  Another one of those home ownership “ firsts “ for me.

I’m still owed a night to get flat-dab upside down on a bottle of Tennessee Valley Red Muscadine!

Especially after accomplishing so much with this cow-with-no-legs under my own feet for the better part of the challenge.

If you look behind her - you see a stack of magazines sprawled out on the floor.  Ahhhhem… her spitefulness arising from a moment of her not getting her way.  She knew I’d just put those there to move a table.

She didn’t care about what we were doing.  It was “ Lunch Time “ - and she was hungry!

The girl will be buried with her bowl.  Her bestest friend - if she could speak and had to tell the truth!

Anyway - we changed out window treatments in the living room.  The panels are a sage suede.

We moved the computer to the spare bedroom.  Yayy!  Not.  We have always kept that room closed off during winter - to save on the bills.

We also decided to leave the two leafs set up on the table.  Helps equalize the composition of the room.  And we found 6 antique chairs for only $100.00 on Craigslist!

They were part of an estate settlement being oversought by a guy for his grandmother that passed away.  We’ve already bought new upholstery fabric for them.  We’re going to Lenoir City to have a local upholstery shop cut foam cushions today.

And his grandmother can rest knowing that they've come to a home where folks will take very good care of them!

Now - let me take care of this little task….

“ Shout-out to Sprint!  The HTC Evo Takes crappy photos inside my house!

( I just - needed to get that out of the way. )

So - all the hassle has been worth it.

We were really worried.  Okay - I was worried.  I was freakin’ out - actually.  I’ve never been through any process of refinancing a house before.

And I have nightmares - to this very day - over the absolute torture we went through from the Imbecile FHA Appraiser ( he should have his license pulled ) that did the inspection and appraisal during closing when we first bought this house.

And by the time this new guy left the house - this time…  I struggled.

One of the last things he told us was - “ I don’t think you’re gonna be happy with my result.

The situation with the economy has really done a number on the value of real estate.

Actually - there are only a few morons ( less than you can count on one hand ) that have just totally jacked up all of the economic health of this entire nation - for their own pockets that are dirtier than a huzzie’s bed in a whore house.

And those Warlocks keep getting richer - while we all keep losing our wardrobes.

Common sense only told me that we should not be shocked to find we were considered “ under water “ on the fiscal end of owning our home.

And so - we decided that we would be happy enough at this time - if the value of the appraisal was just high enough to get us approved for the refinancing. 

Good News came last night!

And I’m so glad that I took this photo on Halloween evening this year!

We will see the day when it will be impossible to take such a photo - now that we know we’ll be able to move and rebuild the barn - away from the house - without any doubt!


Deb said...

Glad you got that good news finally!!! :-))

d.a. said...

Congratulations! w00t!!!

Shanster said...

yeah - we refinanced to a 15yr on our place in November. It SUCKED so bad... like maddening, tortureous, heinous, horrible process to go through.

We already had the loan out, were already paying the $, we aren't moving...we both have good credit, jobs... we just wanted to take advantage of low rates to move into a 15 yr. And it took nearly an act of congress to get one...

Horrible. I HATE BANKS!