December 15, 2011

Are The Smoky Mountains Melting?

Were it not for the fact that the sun is now setting much further to the left this time of year…

One would think yesterday was a mild summer day around here!

The whole day was absolutely gorgeous!

Hubs cleaned out the chicken coop - while I babysat The Girls out in the yard - so they could enjoy some ranging for a while.

And Dirt Baths - of course!

I just dunno.

We are seeing really strange weather patterns here at the house - unlike any other we’ve seen during all the 10+ years we’ve been living in East Tennessee.

Lately - we’ve been waking up to mornings absorbed with heavy frosts and pockets of some seriously dense fog.

It's beginning to look a whole lot like the pockets of fog you see in The Great Smoky Mountains!

By the time it becomes this dense between our house and The Girls’ house - we can’t see our neighbor’s house.

And he only lives about an acre away!

Yet - you get different views from each window - or each end of either porch.

And the scenery changes by the minute - once the sun begins rising for the day.

Hubs tells me it’s a small phenomenon  called Thermal Stratification - ( <-- click on that that! ) - which causes water levels to churn in the lakes and rivers that surround our area.

All I know is - it can make for a bit of interesting entertainment - if you take the time - when you live out in the country - where the animals provide most of your viewing pleasure!

I only hope it doesn’t mean we’re headed for a winter bringing long periods of time with power outages.

Can’t wash clothes with snow.

But I can - and will - find a way to make French Toast with homemade bread - even if the power goes out!


Deb said...

It's been really nice here the last few days too! Winter will come back though, I have no doubt. LOL

Phelan said...

We were warm here yesterday, but it seems to have moved on and we are right back in the cold of winter again. My favorite has got to be freezing fog. It is very cool looking on the tall prairie grass.