November 7, 2011

Taking Our Money And Our Mortgage Elsewhere!


MAJOR Multi-tasking.

Pardon the delay.  We are in a “ Work in Progress “ mode here - at this house.

Let me fill you in - especially - for some of you that may discover Dwayne and I are not alone.

Serious Heads Up!

Be sure to check your annual notifications of renewals and updates on your Insurance and Mortgage payments.  And without fail - compare this year’s with last year’s figures.

You just may want to bust a move - like us.

After almost 15 years of a faithful relationship with American National Insurance Company - NEVER late on payments - NEVER filing any claims - AND carrying Auto - Life - and Homeowner’s insurance policies…

American National decided to jack our Mortgage Insurance up - from $721.00 to $1,235.00.

Their excuse is - “ all the claims filed after the storms around our area. “

Dwayne and I are from the front door where all the hurricanes come in from the Gulf of Mexico.  We have - YET - to see that much damage around this area where we now reside.

After almost 15 years of a banking relationship with First Tennessee Bank - they decided to join the ranks of all the other banks in sticking us in the butt for using ATM cards.  Of course - they backed down when all their customers began biting back.

Even better - their timing for changing their minds on that one came only hours after I had posted a tweet regarding the following tidbit on Twitter.

First Tennessee Bank decided to ( get really stupid ) send us 30-Day Notice of a “ shortage “ on the escrow account for our mortgage - due to our Homeowner’s Insurance policy jumping up to $1,235.00.

We had 30 days to decide if we wanted to pay that shortage in lump sum - or - have it incorporated into our mortgage - which would increase our monthly payment - of course.

But that really didn’t matter.  Because - they were gonna jack our mortgage payment up - one way or another - anyway.

With only that same 30-Day Notice…

First Tennessee Bank informed us that they had decided to begin CHARGING us $60.00 PER MONTH to process our Homeowner’s Insurance payments into our Mortgage.

Little did they know - we are totally aware - that they've been sending our insurance company a one-time lump-sum payment each year.

Not only that - but…

We have an FHA Mortgage.  We are REQUIRED to carry our Homeowner’s Insurance policy through our escrow account in the Mortgage for our home.

So - in other words - First Tennessee Bank decided to ROB US out of $60.00 per month - for the Hell of it.

Just because they think they can.

Just because they THINK they’re one of the Big Bears in the Woods.

Did you know…

Even an Ant can poison a Bear to death.

We have switched ALL of our Insurance policies over to Farm Bureau.

We have now began the process of REFINANCING our Mortgage - with a totally DIFFERENT ENTITY.

Next on the agenda -

Once we get those two processes complete…

We’re taking our money away from First Tennessee Bank and moving it over to ORNL Federal Credit Union.

I don’t care how big you are.  You DON’T bite the hand that feeds you.

Naturally - I began receiving Twitter messages from somebody at First Tennessee.  They wanted me to call them - at a toll free number - so they can “ assist me in resolving this matter. “

People - understand the new meaning of that little trick.

Doesn’t matter what company is making that comment to you.  They only want to resolve it for THEMSELVES.

I have seen this.  They - simply - plug in to another point of their business transaction to charge you.

They always have “ Plan B “ for getting that money out of you - one way or another.

That’s why you shut the door on their face - and go elsewhere.


Deb said...

Wow, that totally sucks...I'd be moving somewhere else too!! Hope you find some places that are way better for you! :)

d.a. said...

w00t! You get 'em, grrrl! We've got our money in a Credit Union as well, and as soon as it's feasible, taking our mortgage there too.

Jim Fisher said...

Don't understand what these insurance are up to unless they think everyone will just take the rate hike without question. I have heard this same story from a few others.