October 27, 2011

Fall Color at the Cades Cove Loop in The Great Smoky Mountains!

This past Monday was an annual treat for both of us. But it was one more part of Dwayne’s Birthday - the chance to drop everything and have a little fun and relaxation!

We took that ride - up to grab photos and soak in the beauty of all the Fall Color around The Loop at Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains.

It was a chance enjoy an absolutely beautiful day - before winter begins pounding on the front door.

It takes us longer to get there anymore - now that we no longer live in Maryville. Dwayne decided to go the “ back way “ this time - by way of Foothills Parkway.

And the trail through all the color was stunning!

We were met by a very strange surprise - especially for a Monday - and outside any holidays beyond Summer.

The amount of traffic was incredible.

Very few folks from Tennessee - at all. And we couldn’t help noticing the variety of out-of-state license plates.

Normally - everybody’s gone home for a break before all the winter holiday fun begins up around Ober Gatlinburg.

Apparently - we were there in-between feedings - when all the wildlife comes out into the open for breakfast and supper.

Only caught sight of a few deer this trip. And the traffic on the loop made it impossible to pull over at one of the stopping spots made available by the park.

Which brings me to making a special note here.

I don’t think we’ve ever been able to visit the Cove and make that 11-mile loop without some inconsiderate moron ignoring the posted signs along the way.

And this day was no exception. Well - beyond me opening my mouth up and screaming at the lazy idiot to “ park her car - get out and walk a little bit like the rest of us!

( Yes.  That was a " first " for me.  And - I liked it! )

That’s why the park has installed - plenty - of areas for vehicles to pull over to the side and park.

So they can get out of everybody else’s way - instead of holding up the entire train!!

Nothing surprises me when we make our visits to Cades Cove - anymore.

The list of things that annoy me only seem to be the thing to stir my emotions these days - when it comes to visitors to the park.

People don’t think before they act - or - react.

For example…

You’re dead asleep in your bed - or - sitting at your table eating supper. A flock of Turkeys - or - a bear came waltzing inside your house making all kinds of noise with their yelling and/or calling.

What would be your first inclination? How would it make you feel?

Yet - one person in a train of dozens of vehicles on the Cades Cove Loop can spot a bear.  The first thing they do is yell.

And like fire ants that have had their mound stirred up - you’ve got 2-legged idiots running at this poor creature - yelling and screaming - over and over - “ It’s a bear!

Hard to believe this frenzy is populated mostly by souls considering themselves to be Adults.

Even worse - the view that all the kids are witnessing!

Yes - the antics arrive anytime something good and valuable begins to take positive shape. I dunno. Apparently - something precious is being omitted in the rearing of offspring - anymore.

Respect and Self-Respect.

But it will never stop us from making any of our trips to Cades Cove.

Instead - don’t be surprised if you lose your mind on the loop and end up hearing somebody yelling “ Pull over and park it - you Moron! Get out and walk a little like the rest of us!

Don’t be surprised if you witness somebody in a crowd of Zombies losing their minds stands stiff and hollers - “ Shut up - you Idiots! Your noise only runs off the animals! DUH!!

Just wave your hand and give me a quiet, “ Hey, Teresa!

I think I'll start taking photos of the Morons - next time we go up to Cades Cove!

For now…
Just enjoy the rest of these photos!  ( And if you click on one of the photos - you now get the option to view all the photos in this post as a slide show - with a larger view! )


Deb said...

Beautiful!! You are so lucky to be able to see that every year, I'd love to sometime. The people would bug me too, but hopefully the beauty would make it worth while. Great job with your photos!! I just love fall color! :-))

d.a. said...

Gorgeous color! Too bad about the idiots. Who/what movie was it said something to the effect "A person is smart. ~People~ are stupid."?

Peggy said...

It has been such a long time since I have been there but I remember all the idiots! Thanks for sharing the pics. Almost as good as being there and I didn't have to yell. LOL