October 26, 2011

Fall Prep and Color - And a Birthday!

Been a lag in time since my last posting. Like everyone else - we’ve been a little bit busy around here - preparing for winter.  Ugh.  I'm so excited.


The one fact that anyone can always depend on out in the country… There’s always something to clean around here.

Hubs took a week of vacation off - hoping to get my Putt-Putt back on the road. Unfortunately - we hit a snag. He ordered the wrong part. We had to send it back. The right part won’t be here until after he goes back to work.

Instead - he’s decided to begin clearing fence lines along the hay pasture. We’ve managed to get a couple boys from the neighborhood to come help. We trade a little bit of side money and some meals.

But there are moments in between time - that must be celebrated.

It was his birthday! And I - actually - got him to open his mouth and give me a special request!

All made totally from scratch. No processed box cake mix. No pre-made frosting from a plastic tub.

All handmade from scratch! The recipe came from Mark Bittman’s newly revised cookbook “ How To Cook Everything, Completely.

I bought the Kindle Edition. ( You can find it by clicking HERE !  )

My Kindle has become a Life-Saver in the kitchen!

No more ploppy cookbooks falling on the floor - with the flour - while I’m trying to concoct a creation!

Just look at my Hubby! He was so happy! And tired. And grungy.

He’d been fishing all day long!  Out on the lake. With Josh. Like guys do. Especially, after the fog finally lifts.

We took one other day - to escape - together - for an annual ride that we try to make every year.

Fall color in the Great Smoky Mountains!

We took the back way - through Foothills Parkway. It was absolutely gorgeous!

And I’ll post more photos about that - next.

But what I can tell you for right now is…

We found this guy “ mooching “ off a family trying to eat their picnic at the Visitor’s Center in Cades Cove.


He’s really a pig.

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Deb said...

That cookbook sounds like a NICE one! Got it on my wishlist...not that that means I'll be able to get it very soon, cause I have a LOT on my wishlist. LOL When it comes to cookbooks though, so far, I'd still rather have them in print...although have gotten a bunch of free ones on my kindle. Your cake looks really yummy...happy (late) birthday to your hubby! :)

Love your fall color photo too, so pretty! :-))