October 13, 2011

Making Our Own Kind of Laughter

The fun never stops around this house - when it comes to The Pups. One way or another - somebody’s having a good time. The Pups are in their glory - or - we’re busting up laughing in the middle of what sounds like a brawl going on inside our home!

Anderson Cooper seems to have won over more than one fan in this house! Last week - he invited guests with various cats and dogs for pets as a segment on his show.

Don’t ask. I have no idea. Maybe he was fascinated by the breed?

Well… he hasn’t been bugging me to get online and go shopping for him. I can only assume he wasn’t too impressed with all the “ Doggie Doo-Dads “ ?

By the time I caught him cocking his head back and forth while this conversation was going on…

I was becoming a tad bit worried.

Moving along…

Unfortunately - there are times when all the fun is kinda one-sided. And The Pups aren't exactly the ones having a good time with it. They end up more on the agonizing side of what they now consider to be our “ twisted sense of humor. “

The look on her face! “ Don’t let go, Daddy. You will finish this job minus one hand.

Trust me! This is a true optical illusion. It was just the angle of the camera. I swear! The sprayer is actually pointed toward the wall of the tub/shower.  And that would be soap suds - dirt - and hair  on the wall above her back!

For those of you unaware - Basset Hounds may have a very short coat of hair.  But I don't think I've ever seen another breed of dog that sheds as much as these little cows with no legs!

Oh, my Gawwwddd!


But then - Carlie cannot deny the more-than-obvious fact that these “ sexy feet “ start the ball running on all the fun that leaves her feeling like the butt of a joke.

And even with all that…

The bottom line truth is - our lives would be so empty without all the joy - laughter - even the maddening fury - and the vet bills - these two varmints bring to our family!  It’s so worth it!

( Carlie was only about 3 months old when this was taken! )


AJ-OAKS said...

My Aunt has two Bassetts and they are quite the characters!
Looks like your Snauzer was really into the tv programs. How funny!
I have told the family when I am really old I want a Snauzer and already have a name picked out! So in the meantime they bought me a stuffed animal Snauzer that sits on the couch.
Love the pics.

Deb said...

Oh yeah, our fur babies keep us laughing every day too! Gotta love those wonderful goofballs who light up our life with their antics! I can't imagine life without a dog in it...it just wouldn't be very full of life! :-))