October 15, 2011

Life's Bits O' Brickle

Finally - we got past that cringe over putting nails into that fresh - new - sheetrock.

And Pistachio green paint.

While many sleep at such an hour on a Saturday morning - and a few are just now finding their pillows - I’m wide awake and into my second cup of coffee.

Yeah - this is no weekend for us. This would be the middle of the week - in fact.

And either way - it becomes the middle of the week twice as long for us. Not only does the weekend become part of the normal week for us. It is duplicated by such period of time as the Monday - Friday thing.

Well… you’re not the only one!

Seems like no matter where you live - no matter what goes on in your life - no matter what unexpected foibles may tromp into your daily routine of monotony…

That time clock continues to tick in form with expectations to keep the planet spinning on que - so the moon doesn’t get sucked in for some colliding misplacement.


Somehow - the thoughts of hurricanes - earthquakes and tsunamis no longer seem so large and painful.

Change is everywhere - in one form or another.


Or - made by Mother Nature.

I would prefer a world changing only by the artistic endeavors of Mother Nature.

However - my selfish vision has fences.

And nowhere will you find ice - snow - freezing wind and/or 3* temperatures in that picture.

Yes - Fall has arrived.

I am reminded every time I look out the window and see more leaves falling to the ground.

I’m reminded every time the sun peeps over our horizon and begins waking the fog.

I'm reminded every time we go an entire day without sunshine - until sunset.

I’m reminded every morning when Carlie follows me from our bed to the coffee pot - through a pitch of darkness like no other.

She seems to partake of some personal joy and folly in the challenge of going after my feet - now that she can grab socks.

Only a matter of time before one of her attempts will catch me even less than half-awake.

She’ll get a foot upside her head. And we’ll both end up on the floor.

I’ll yell and pull her ears. Dwayne will come flying out of bed like some drunk elephant. Zucker will begin barking as if there’s been a home invasion.

Go ahead. Pull my ears. I dare you.


d.a. said...

OMG, I ~LOVE~ that last photo of Carlie!

Deb said...

Hehe, love those photos of your fur baby. Course love the other ones too, it's so pretty there! :)

Jim Fisher said...

I like the photos of the chicken