October 7, 2011

Surprises and Hidden Truth

I wish I knew why - but for me…

A chilly - crispy - Fall morning with a gorgeous sunrise makes me feel as though I’m viewing the reverse order of things.

Maybe it’s because I’m always looking so forward to Spring.

Things have to sprout - before they grow.


And Fall brings the end to all the season’s growing - before all settles down for that long and quiet stillness of the cold winter.

These are views around my home that can be shot with cameras every year.

And not one shot would ever look the same.


Never would any of the views ever be exactly the same.

Between God and Mother Nature - decisions over how many leaves and flowers are made.

Those two are responsible for decisions made as to where each one is placed - as well.

That - is the gift of variety in nature’s life.

And that - includes a hidden gift of truth.

Next year will come with a host of unknown surprises.


We never know what tomorrow will bring.


But at least - we know - someone is there.


1 comment:

Deb said...

Beautiful photos as usual! You do have some beautiful views at your place, would LOVE to see your neck of the woods. :-))