September 4, 2011

Pretzels and Orange Slacks

Why would I leave the very last crumb ?  I’m a Basset Hound - not a chicken.  And Mama has more than enough on her list !


Oh, please.  Go ahead.  Feel free to drop it !

Hey !!


All this time - we’ve been struggling - wishing for rain around here.

Wouldn’t you know it.

About 15 minutes before the game is supposed to start - they have to clear out Neyland Stadium!

Everybody run for cover !

Luckily - the Tailgate Celebration wasn’t peed on - for the most part!

The game was delayed a little more than an hour.

But UT beat Montana  42 - 16.


Personally - I think the guys were just - totally inspired by Coach Dooley’s orange slacks!


Anyway - “ Boomsday( as we call it here in East Tennessee ) was a huge success - despite even the bridge construction that caused a relocation of the Fireworks Show after the game!

The rain never made it back to spoil that fun.

And don’t let anybody ever say there’s no sense of imagination in this part of the country.

Really.  I mean - shooting the fireworks off from inside a railroad car - on the railroad tracks - actually worked - without misfiring ?


Wonder how the traffic jams went after the show.

Now - that would be something that might need a bit more imagination.

That’s why some of us stay home - and shoot our own fireworks out in the yard.

Alright.  The " Don't Drink and Drive " thing kicks in there - as well.

Moving along....

Check out this little guy.

I love the gorgeous metallic gold.  How cool is that!

His wingspan is only 7/8".  I had to measure.  Couldn't resist.  He stole my curiosity too much.

And he's got this really funny looking body.  Scaled and shaped like - a Lobster.

( Go back and click on the photo 2 times and you can really see it up close! )

He was here - all day long - just hanging out on my little desk lamp.

And then I woke up this morning.  And he was gone.

Wherever he's at - I hope he's okay!

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Deb said...

Yep, yesterday was the first Husker game here too...DH missed a lot of it, cause his Aunt came for a short visit...and then he had a friend over for supper. I had to laugh, especially with it being the first game of the year...and yes I know, I'm mean. LOL I am not a sports fan, but hubby does like his husker football.

Nice Moth pics! :)