September 2, 2011

Homeowner's Bumps

The past week has been all about this.

The thermostat in the hallway read 79* on Tuesday morning.  Our central air unit had croaked.  Hot air was flowing out of the floor vents.

Thank God - we have “ Equipment Break-down “ coverage through our HomeOwner’s policy.

To be honest - the timing worked out in our favor.  The furnace and other components for the central air and heat unit were in a really - goofy - spot.


The shot above shows the framing of the wall on the far side of the staircase - before Dwayne yanked it out.  ( I wish he’d let me take photos before he started on that staircase. )  But you can see that the wall stood between the staircase and the furnace.  The Hot Water Heater stood about 1’ to the left of the furnace and toward the bottom of the staircase - and right against that wall. ( We don’t know why. )


See how tight the ductwork was between the furnace and  that second black jack-post?  ( The post closest to the upright vacuum. )


Well… the folding chair in the shot above is now sitting where the furnace and the tight ductwork were installed.


The furnace is now located a few inches past the Hot Water Heater.  But only because Dwayne will be moving the Hot Water Heater.  At the end of the day - you will be able to stand on the landing of the staircase and not see either one.


Not only did it cut down on the amount of ductwork - BIG TIME…


But moving the furnace to its new location has allowed a huge chunk of more space for the bathroom we’ll be constructing down in the basement!

While they were in the process of relocating the furnace - the gas line was moved to allow more appropriate construction of a ceiling.

But lucky for us - they discovered something that BOTH - our FHA Appraiser AND our Home Inspector MISSED.

I was in Maryville for an appointment when the work was being done.  The following two photos were shot after the work was properly handled.


The pipe that was previously where this one is now - was cracked down in the connection - and just - loose.


This work replaced what was nothing but a piece of pvc pipe shoved inside - not even sealed!  If that Water Heater had overheated and thrown a hissy for any reason…

We would have had one hell of a mess on our hands in that basement!

Photos speak for themselves.  But we cannot say - enough - how much we appreciate the professionalism and service that we received from Green Heat and Air in Loudon, Tennessee!

They had been out to our home last year - and replaced a Capacitor on the old unit.  At that time - Jeff Green had warned us that new laws were coming into effect - and to prepare for having to buy a new unit for our home.

I found an article that explains - and you can find it by clicking here.

The education that Jeff offers to customers is something to be valued and respected.  It is something you rarely find these days - when it comes to customer service.

His informative advice was consistent and just as valuable when we called him back on Tuesday - as it was last year.

We’re extremely happy with the entire experience.  This is a huge cloud off our shoulders.  And it came with great help to alleviate a few small snags down in the basement!

As for the cool air inside the house - I’ve had to turn the thermostat up from 76* to 78*.

It gets cold in here - now!

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Deb said...

It seems like it's always something, doesn't it. Do hope those "bumps" slow down for you, so you can get on with what you are wanting to get done! :)