September 9, 2011

Blue Skies - Sunshine - and - Wardrobe Killers!

It’s a view I am forever taking shots to share.

But when you haven’t seen this sight for a whole week…

It’s like jumping into warm chocolate - just looking up and seeing that gorgeous blue sky and sunshine!!

For all you folks northeast of us…  it’s coming to you.

Blue skies and sunshine are coming to you.

And may God lift each of you and bless you with everything you need for overcoming this horrific tragedy with all the flooding.

People may end up relocating on a permanent basis.  But you know what?  That’s okay.

Do your own thinking.  Stay forever in prayer.  Pay attention.  Listen intently.  And go with your heart.

That will be God leading you to where He wants you.

That is all any of us can do these days.

On to my next issue…


Aren’t they just adorable!!!


For anyone under the height of 5’ 5”…


These little puppies are " Wardrobe Killers !!! "

I have lost way too many blouses because of these drawer pulls.

If it opens and closes down the front with buttons…

It’s only a matter of time.


These deceiving little monsters don’t just yank the button off.

They rip off a chunk of fabric - along the way!

This is one of those little things that building contractors - interior decorators  - hardware designers - and even home sellers forget to take into account.

I’m only 4’ 11” in height.

But I am not the shortest woman - wife - mother on this planet!!!

Please tell me why all kitchen countertops are required to be 36” high.

Subtract 36 from 58.5 and tell me what you get.

Do you have any idea - how much fun blenders have with me?

Do you have any idea - what kind of mess I have to clean up after I make homemade whipped cream?

Do you realize - the days off my husband loses out on when it’s time to start canning food?

Oh - I can go on and on.

But Dwayne and I have decided to think for ourselves.

My husband is going to build me a kitchen with countertops that I can manage - without climbing like some 4 year old - without dragging any step stool around - without whining for him to get up out of his recliner every few minutes!

And all I have to say about anybody wondering what we’ll do when we decide to sell this house is…

" Who said we’re selling it? "

And even if we ever do…

I know for a fact - there are many women out there - under the height of 5’ 5”...

that will pull another woman’s hair out to get this house!


Cheryl said...

Have Dwayne build a step that runs the length of your counters so he doesn't have to bend over to help. Otherwise, you lose his help too!

Deb said...

That IS a beautiful view! I know what you mean about the drawer pulls...although, usually I have trouble with apron pockets getting caught, since I'm so tall. Drives me crazy! LOL And here, I always want the counter tops to be higher...not shorter. We wouldn't get along in the kitchen, thats for sure. *giggle*

Summer said...

I'm sorry you've lost shirts- I'm laughing with you (hopefully!) because I had my kitchen counters built higher, and everyone who works in the cafe doesn't understand why I store things on top of the refrigerator. Being 6' does have something to do with it! But I agree that if I sell the house, someone else will appreciate it, and in the meantime, I won't go crazy! :) Congratulations on the workable kitchen!