September 14, 2011

Buried - Bits - and The Help!

" Pretty Posies " kit by Donna's Digital Designs
 " Art Blends 1 " by Butterflies and Bluebells
at Digital Design Den

Weathered Threads out of " Christina's Fall Collection " Kit by Christina Bartholomew

We have been buried under projects here at the house.  ( More to come about all that - later. )  But I wanted to get these two layout posted.

I did take time to sit down and do something I haven't done in quite a while - Digital Scrapbooking a couple layouts.

And we did take time to go out and do some fishing - yesterday - surrounded by this view - as well as so many other gorgeous beauties!

And we both came home with sunburns.  Unfortunately - I'm feeling like I'm on fire.  My face is killin' me.  I've got " Raccoon Face " - no thanks to my sunglasses.

But it was worth it.  Nice and quiet.  The water felt so good to my feet hanging over the side of the boat.  The weather was perfect.  And we came home with enough Crappie for a really nice meal!

We were slow getting out of bed this morning.


The Girls have a nice - clean - freshly pine scented house!

They didn't appreciate the shop vac.  But then - we didn't see any of them getting up to lift a - feather.

Doesn't matter.  It was a win - win for everybody.  Even the trees!

Dwayne's going fishing again - on Sunday - with Josh.

I'm sure my face will - still - be hurting by then.

Nope.  Jen and I are gonna go see " The Help " at the movies!

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Deb said...

OMGoodness, what a beautiful view you had while fishing! Would LOVE to see it for myself, although I'm not into fishing, but love a great view. Glad you got some scrapping done, I haven't had time to do any forever!