September 15, 2011

Removing a Head-Banger

My Honey - My Darlin’ - My Sweetheart…

Has been busy.


After reconstructing the basement stairs to their proper existence - it became obvious we were gonna have to take out the living room closet.


I’d rather lose a closet - than to lose my husband - or anyone else that may forget to bend over while going up or down these stairs.

And with him taking a week of vacation - it was the perfect time to deal with this.  Otherwise - each his days off could begin feeling like a week - rather than only a day.  And there’s no telling what would happen to the blood pressure of every soul residing in this household.

He would - most likely - tell you that would be due to me driving everybody else nuts about this snag.  And I really just don’t care.  I’m a nag about safety.

Check out the progress!

 Oh, first... this was a really nice surprise.  NOT.  This is the inside of the front exterior wall of the house.  No chinking - at all.  They just stuffed a little bit of insulation and nailed shims in.

( I'm sure Loudon Utilities appreciated the profits from that neglect.  we were fighting to keep the living room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. )

 ( Chinking - and eyeballing for holes.  There won't be one pinhole of daylight coming through after he's finished! )

 ( Believe it or not - he's having to completely remove this 2"x12" - then trim the excess on the left there.  The entire hole for the staircase wasn't even measured and cut right! hahahahaha! Not funny.  Really. )

 Anyone can stroll down the stairs now - without knocking their head off!

Sheetrock comes next.


Deb said...

Yeah, glad you got it done! It's a lot of work, but nice to not have to bend over when you go downstairs! :)

Anonymous said...

It's coming right along! Can't wait to see it with sheetrock and all finished. Queenacres