June 22, 2011

Tail Spinning Season!

Wow.  It’s been a while since my last post.  There’s been a lot going on - to say the very least.

Including Father’s Day.  And somehow - I managed to make Dwayne his favorite Cheesecake without him having a clue!  It was under his nose every time he opened the fridge on Saturday evening - and he never even knew it!

What can I say?  I’m just that good!

I just finished a week of one of those Steroid kits that my Doctor had to prescribe for me.  I don’t know what happened to me.  But something decided to crawl into my system and try kicking me into next year.

It was horrible.  And now I’m having to suck up all the supplements I can - trying to rebuild my energy.

But I like those Steroids.  I got a LOT done during last week!  I am really gonna miss ‘em.  LOL

This growing season is bringing some challenges.

We’ve had to replant corn twice more.

And now I’ve got 4 new “ BeefsteakTomato plants to replace the ones we’re about to rip out.

I don’t know what happened - but - it looks like the growing farm tagged the plants incorrectly.

Whatever is planted in our garden right now is notBeefsteakTomato plants.

And I don’t like the behavior I’m seeing in these rogues.

But I am getting a chance to can some Bread 'n Butter Pickles!
We have already pulled all the Lettuce and Mustard Greens.  We pulled one small mess of Carrots and got those set up in the freezer.  A bunch more continue growing.

The Green Beans have started coming in.  I planted just enough this year.  Thank God!  And we’ll be canning this year’s crop - rather than freezing.

We continue freezing florets from the Broccoli.  The Brussel Sprouts are just now thinking about giving up a few.

I’m pulling up Onions as they fall over.  Our Vidalia Onions did not do worth a flip last year.  But they’re absolutely huge and gorgeous this year!

However - the kicker came yesterday.

Dwayne and I pulled all these Potatoes.  Half are Red Pontiacs - the other half Yukon Gold.  All in all - there’s at least 100 pounds of Potatoes.  Talk about Monsters.  And we’ll be canning these this year.

I wasn’t impressed with freezing the Yukon Golds last year.  They came out mushy.

We barely finished pulling the potatoes - getting The Girls tucked into their coop safe and sound - getting the wheel barrow into the basement and getting ourselves inside the house before Hell unleashed around here yesterday evening.

Instantly - the power went out as soon as we both made it inside the house and closed the back door.

It never came back on until 4:54am this morning.  And we were one of the lucky ones.

The winds were the worst we’ve seen here - yet.

Once again - the wind sent the Chicken Tractor flying towards the house.

But THIS - has never happened - until yesterday.

And THESE - just came out of the pressure canner!

I start on Potatoes in the morning.

I just wonder if my butt will catch up with me by then.

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Deb said...

Oh I've been wondering how you were doing, was just thinking earlier today I need to come bug you and find out what was up, since I hadn't seen a post in my google reader for a while! Glad you are ok!! :)

I've been wanting to make a cheesecake like that, but haven't managed to get me a spring pan like that...one of these days I'll have to!

Sounds like your garden is going really well, you are so far ahead of us though, it's pitiful. LOL Our onions don't seem to be alive...kinda dissapointed in them, but thrilled about the fact that other things seem to be growing, however small they still are...so I guess I shouldn't complain. :)

I'm hoping to can some of my Grandmothers lime pickles this year...if I get some cucumbers anyway. I think if I don't, I'll have to actually buy some, cause we are almost out, since I didn't make any last year. We don't eat them lots, but do some and I'd sure hate to run out of them...they were always my favorite pickle growing up. :)

Anyway, better run, sure glad you are ok...just keeping busy. Have fun with that garden of yours. :)