May 29, 2011

You Call This a " Custom " Cut of Beef ?

We pulled this out of our freezer yesterday - to bar-b-que today - during this Memorial Weekend of celebration to honor all those who fought and died for our rights - privileges and freedom in this country.

We thought this was two sirloin steaks - from the moment we put the $300.00-plus package in our freezer.


Wrapper says “ Sirloin. “

Really?  Steak - or - Roast?


Or - was it actually just the leftovers?


Is this how you treat all your customers - or - just your first-time customers?

Totally immaterial at this point.

This isn’t the first of the cuts we purchased in this package that left us in total shock and disgust.

But today’s incident created chaos.  My husband had to make an unexpected run to Food Lion to pick up more steaks.


We won’t be back to shop at Laurel Creek Meats in East Tennessee.


Joyce said...

Teresa, I'm really sorry about the beef you received and that it necessitated an extra trip to the store for your husband. I also regret that this happened to you because this kind of experience reflects poorly on all small grass fed farmers.

You might be interested to know that this farmer was recently banned from participating in F.A.R.M. farmer's markets because it was discovered he wasn't raising his own cattle as he claimed he was. It's a requirement of F.A.R.M. that anything sold at their markets must be produced by the vendor. It was also discovered that the meat wasn't being processed by a USDA facility, which is required by law when individual cuts are sold at the wholesale or retail level.

Again, I'm sorry for your experience and hope you won't let it color your perception of all grass fed farmers. The vast majority of us take what we do very seriously and are dedicated to doing it the right way.
Knox Beef

That Bloomin' Garden said...

I worked in a meat shop and that should have never been sold like that. That is not sirloin.

Deb said...

Wow, thats a lot of fat! Our grass fed beef didn't have near that much on it...course maybe most grass fed is still fed differently than our own is, not sure. We didn't have much fat at all on the one we butchered this last fall, and he was mostly grass fed, with a little (very little) grain every day. It's taken getting used to cooking it, but least it's our own beef for a change!! Hope you can find a better place to get it next time! :)

Bee Lady said...

I just popped over for a visit and saw this post. I just hate it when a few people try to ruin the reputation of many good peoples. I think I'd take that back to them with the wrapper! Business owners need to start treating people the way they want treated, especially the ones with blogs!

Cindy Bee