June 29, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere!

This is called “ Making Lemonade outta Lemons. “

The last storm we had here took out this beauty.  So I chopped off the stock and brought this girl into the house!

We have been absolutely swamped around here with that list.

We finished up canning all the green beans we’re gonna put away this year.

Actually - the fact that we had to scrounge for the very last jar to fit inside the canner helped with that decsion.  ;)

We’ll be canning up more potatoes next.

Cleaning out the garden has been the most time consuming challenge - so far.   I think Dwayne’s decided he’s in favor of using the black plastic next year.

Even after using the net on the Navaho Thornless Blackberries - the huge Tennessee June bugs managed to win. 

But it really doesn’t matter.  I’m just not the least bit impressed with this blackberry bush.

They put out as if they’re going to be absolutely huge.  However - their ripening is downright inconsistent to the point of being annoying.  Not only that - but - their taste is more of a “ Ya’ never know what yer’ gonna get “ surprise that I don’t think many people would find appealing.  One berry can be out of this world.  The next can taste like water.

We’ll try again with a different variety - later down the road.

Take a gander at this while you can.  Come Friday - Gone!

It’s time to start on the house - before we both go crazy.

Hubby and I made a trip to Home Depot this morning.  Click here to see what will be delivered on Friday!

At the same time - we found a great deal on the Gas Stovetop that we chose for our island that Dwayne’s going to build.

So click here to see what they’ll be bringing with the new Fridge!

It’s gonna be such a great help when it comes to all my canning.

I can hardly wait!


ChileFarmer said...

Blackberry, not a thorn less variety but produces very large fruit. Early and very prolific, some what tart and has seeds. Brazos, a very old variety. I have tried maby of the thornless, none will keep up with Brazos. Bill In Texas

Deb said...

Ohhh how I wish I could get a new fridge too! Would love to use the one we have for a 2nd fridge/cheese cave, but...it's not in the budget this year I don't think...least I sure hope we don't have to MAKE it be in the budget. LOL Course I'm not sure where we would PUT a 2nd fridge...since we have two freezers taking up space, but I'm sure we'd find room somewhere.

Sounds like you have been busy, we haven't gotten anything from our garden yet...but do have peas coming on now, I'm so excited to have our first fresh from the garden peas, even if we don't end up having to many of them, because we should have planted more! :)

I'm hoping to get some berry bushes in the next year or two...once we figure out where we want them. Think we will start with Black Raspberries and blueberries though...may eventually try some blackberries, if we can find a spot for them.