April 20, 2011

You'd Never Believe - But...

( The Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold Potatoes have been hilled for the first time. )

We have been so busy around our place.  What feels so strange is - photos of the process just don’t seem to provide the evidence.

 ( We used 5' x 16' Cattle Panels this year!  Dwayne split them into to 8' pieces each. )

I mean - it’s not like somebody delivered and spread the mushroom compost for us.  And we haven’t seen any young boys around here to pay for mowing the grass - much less till the garden.

 ( I've already planted 4 Beefsteak Tomato plants.  Oh, and 1 Eggplant bush at the end of one of the panels. )

And my UPS guy - he’ll deliver trees.  Making the trips to the garden centers to choose and deliver all the other plants - not happening.  Alright?

 ( The Spinach started kicking after I thinned it out. We have a total of 8 bags going. )

Dwayne and I have taken 1 turn each - already - mowing the part of the property that we use the John Deere Tractor Mower.

I am scared to death about how much it’s gonna cost us - just to mow the grass around 10 acres this year.  It’s enough to consider a game-changer.  Buy sheep instead of goats?

I’m serious!  Chickens just cannot eat that much grass!

 ( The Lettuce can't be seen here, yet.  But it's there.  Swiss Chard - Broccoli - Brussel Sprouts and Purple Fennel. )

 ( Red onions and Texas Sweet Vidalia onions!  They're so cute when they're little! )

Speaking of.... We are back to 9 for 9 on the egg count, again!


Even “ Miss Pissy “ is laying - post Broodyness!

She’s such the Drama Queen. Perhaps “ Lady Gaga “ would have been a better namesake for her. I could make costumes for her. Shoot photos. Email them to Lady Gaga!

Don’t worry. I’d never be a part of subjecting the world to witnessing that Dingy woman walking the red carpet in some chicken costume.

I mean - that egg was bad enough for me. How ‘bout you?

 ( Experiment in process with the two galvanized buckets... Ground Cherries!  Pray for me, please! )

 ( Tomatillo plant in the big pot - Cherry Tomato plant in the smaller pot. )

 ( This big pot by the stairs will have " Malabar Spinach Red Stem " growing in it.  We'll be constructing an A-frame trellis over the pot for the spinach to grow.  This is a hardy edible vine! )

I also managed to plant 2 Jalapeno Pepper bushes.  I planted a Red Bell Pepper and a Yellow Bell Pepper plant.  And for herbs - Sweet Basil - Sweet Marjoram - Eucalyptus - Sage - Greek Oregeno and Curry.

Slowly but steadily - We're gettin' there...

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Deb said...

Your garden is looking great!! And how about a milk cow...they will help with the grass AND give you yummy milk to play with!! LOL Ok, the goats will too, but the cow gives way more, in my experience...course as much as I LOVE goats, I'm getting burnt out with them cause we lose to many of them for some unknown reason. Even my Dad, who has had them for years is having more trouble with his in the last year or two...not sure what is going on. Maybe it's just not our lucky decade, when it comes to goats. Others seem to not have the trouble.