April 21, 2011

This Gardening Season...

 ( Just after we'd spread the Mushroom Compost - before tilling. )

Well - let’s just say the effort is proving to have its challenges - albeit we have seen just as many pros against the cons - already. Weather has tried its best to mess up Spring Planting.

Looking at the glass half-full I would say we’re managing to cram all the catching up into the days off. At times - we’re only getting 1 day out of 4 - but winning the fight!

Of course - we’re walking around for the next few days feeling like somebody beat the Hell out of us.

But I will have you know - we are “ locked and loaded “ with the Extra Strength Regular and the Extra-Strength PM Acetaminophen in this house!

And I have learned not to use hair shampoo in the Jacuzzi bathtub!

This next round of days off we'll focus on filling the remaining available areas of the garden. We’ll be planting Corn and the Pole Beans. The spot for the Cucumbers will be set up.

Dwayne was blessed with 1 whole gorgeous day of sunshine for setting up a Hotwire Fence around the garden.

I think the hardest part was pulling 2 Lightning Rods out of the ground that were used around the Tobacco Barn. They were pounded 6 feet below ground. Believe it or not - he used the tractor with some concocted improvisation and a little patience to get those puppies out for using on the garden hot fence.

Between you ‘n me and the fence post - I never would have considered a chain and vice grips. But if it keeps the squirrel out of our corn this year - it’s “ Game On “ with me in it!

We’re gonna try direct-sowing with some Swiss Chard. And because all my Carrots fell off their tuft and into the trenches of that little world of its own out there - I get to plant more Carrots - again - just like last year.  " Sigh... "

Aaaannndd we’ll prolly end up with carrots popping up all over the entire garden by the time I’m finished with my revenge on that little volley by Mother Nature.

I think this will be the year I get to begin focusing on some little things about our efforts.

I’ll be experimenting with drying the herbs I’ve planted this year in our Dehydrator.

We’ll get to use the Salad Spinner that’s been sitting up in the cabinet since - last summer.

I’ll be using the Pressure Canner more than my very first attempt - which yielded great results last year.

And after this next round of days off - Dwayne should be able to continue focusing on tearing down the old Tobacco Barn.

They’re coming - don’t worry. The pictures of that little project are coming! I’m just keeping up with my Man!


Shim Farm said...

Our weather has been terrible, also. We're not even close to thinking about planting yet, we'll need another month or so. Time to build some raised beds on our farm this year. I've been begging for I don't know how long. This will be the year, yeah!

Too bad the old tobacco barn can't be salvaged. Is the structure worth saving? It looks like it's biiiig, too. We have a lot of work to do on our old dairy barn, too. Hopefully this week, we'll know if we have a worker who'll tackle this project.

The carrots looks amazing. Did you try canning some?

Greetings from Quebec!


Deb said...

This weather IS crazy...it will be nice one day and cold the next several...and the sun only shines once in a while...I'm getting rather tired of the dreariness. *sigh* And before long, I'll be complaining about the heat, I'm just never satisfied! LOL

WeldrBrat said...

@Ann... We'll be salvaging all that we can of the old Tobacco Barn - even the small pieces. My Christmas present from my husband, last year, was our Dining table that he made from a section that fell from a wash-out.

The carrots in the photo are from last year! And the pups enjoyed them as much as us. LOL

@Deb... You've got me thinking more about a dairy cow, instead, now. What in the world am I gonna do? LOL

d.a. said...

Whew! I'm reaching for the ibuprofen just from READING what all you've been doing! :-D

Shanster said...

Wow... SO much done and so much left to do! Spring is crazy busy isn't it? Feels sorta good tho' after all the dark/cold winter nights stuck in the house tho.