April 17, 2011

Waiting Until April 15th - Why?

THIS is the Girls’ summertime pond.  Or - did you know that hens like to play pretend and be ducks every now and then?  I think mine do it just to jack with me.

And their summertime pond only had 1 gallon of water tossed into it when I put it out there for them earlier this week.

I guess Mother Nature decided I didn’t have enough water in it on Friday night?  ( There go those hormones - again. )

My gosh.  The weather that’s been hitting us here.  Unreal.

Comes with mixed feelings.  We need the rain.  But Dwayne’s winning his bet.  He took time off to deal with a chunk on the list.

There is a lot of planting that needs to be done right now.  We're a bit late - as it is.  We can’t afford to have all this bad weather getting in the way. 

Nobody can - really.  But I guess we’ll just go with the flow and carry faith while staying in prayer.

Okay - so I’ll stay - forever - looking up at ceilings or the sky - while running from one thing to the next that needs to be tended to on that list.

And yes - it does usually consist of some yelling every now and then.

Hey - by the time it ( emotion ) reaches your heart - it’s just too late.

He’s already heard you.  Ha! ( " Neener - Neener ! " )

I prefer to see the glass half-full.  At least I'm not living in some crowded city where the neighbors' windows are the view from my own.

Otherwise - there'd be humans on this planet having conversations about watching me stare at the ceiling and yelling - " REALLY ?! "

Oh, it gets worse!

Sometimes - there's only time and energy for a dirty look.


Deb said...

It does suck that he took time off and then can't do the work he wanted to do. That does figure that it would happen that way though.

Nancy said...

I thought I was the only one that says "Neener Neener!" LOL! I am late planting seeds too. The weather is not cooperating. I have seedlings for my garden in the house and won't set them out yet.
I have Orps too and do they really like the pool?? Do you add toys in it? Ya, I spoil my chickens I guess. I talk to the ceiling too, reminded myself of ah beagle we had once who barked facing the back of his dog house...loved the echo ;-) Not that I went in the dog house mind you Ha HAAA! Love your blog.