April 15, 2011

Wearing Out the Jacuzzi Bathtub

We’ve reached that point at our house - like so many others - where we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Have you ever seen that happening?

Anyway - Dwayne took “ vacation time “ off so we could get some kind of a start on a huge project for this year.

Both of us have been busting our butts around here.  And it seems to be paying off for me.  My 3-month appointment with my Pulmonary Specialist included discovery of having lost 10 pounds!!  I was so happy - and shocked!

But if there’s any time of the year that I really enjoy going fishing - it’s during the month of April.  Go figure.  The same month needed for planting - anything - just about everything!

It’s Crappie seasonHere in Tennessee - there is a limit of 15 per person - and they MUST NOT be smaller than 9 inches.

Unfortunately - we have " Idjits and Arseholes " in this state that can't be considerate enough to throw the smaller ones back.

We don't have near the number of Game Wardens on the water that we should.  And the state of Tennessee has no kind of measurable re-stocking program to help pick up the slack.

Another reason for enjoying fishing in the month of April - the color is popping!  I get to enjoy being out on the water - watching all the green come to life - along with the beautiful Redbuds and Dogwoods!

We tried scheduling this past Tuesday for such a day.  Unfortunately - Mother Nature said “ No. “

Wednesday was the day.  We brought home a few beautiful Black Crappie!  And I was too dad-gum wiped out to take a photo.

Instead - I cheated.  Got this shot from the back porch - Dwayne cleaning the fish - Carlie supervising.

We didn’t catch our limit.  But we caught enough to make 3 dinners and next-day lunches!

I ended up making a new friend while we were hitting a hot spot.

This little guy was so sweet!  I could tell he’s prolly a yearling - very young.

Instantly - he reminded me of our Miniature Schnauzer - Zucker.  He was so friendly - determined to melt my heart enough to get some goodies out of me.  I’m thinking folks living on the river must have “ adopted “ him.

Once he had his belly full of my homemade wheat bread - he settled up on a log - dried and preened himself - and squatted to take a nice nap under Dogwoods after I got this shot!

Yesterday morning - I barely managed to get coffee going in the pot when the power threatened to fail - twice.

Not even 10 minutes after finishing with brewing - everything went black - all around our area.  I thought quick enough to get the hot coffee into thermos’ so we could enjoy our morning coffee before digging in.

After almost an hour - we gave up on being able to fix breakfast.  We settled for a piece of home-made Hummingbird Cake and just headed on outside to knock out things on the list.

I’m behind on photos.  I may have to settle for another “ Photo Day “ posting for help.

But to give a hint on that one - Dwayne has begun to dismantle the old tobacco barn.  NOT so easy when Mother Nature insists on throwing us full days loaded with high winds.

Today - is one of those days.  Cross your fingers for us - please !!

Hope all is going well in your neck of the chaos!

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Deb said...

It is a busy time of year, but it's nice to take some time to breath....or umm fish, or whatever.

Love that duck, how neat that it came up to you wanting fed. :)