April 25, 2011

He Only THINKS He Has 9 Lives

It’s been one of those evenings tonight.

We’ve been keeping our basement door open so the cool air drifts up - to keep us from turning on the air conditioner.

Dwayne’s down in the basement -  on his way back up from checking on the food we’re cooking on the pit.

Hey !  Where’s Tom ?

Me :  “ Tom ! What the hell are you doing in my house ?

I guess I made a mistake when I brought him through the house - earlier this past week - to take him down to the basement for the night.

He was chirping and bending all around me to look around the place - checkin’ things out!

If I didn’t know any better - I’d swear the bird has decided the upstairs looks much better for him than the downstairs.

He’s halfway right.

Anyway - Dwayne takes him back down to the basement…

While I’m installing the Baby Gate !

Five minutes later.

* Sigh…. *  I hope and pray Dwayne can get that barn torn down and something put back up - really soon.

I draw the line BEFORE letting any live chickens up in my kitchen.


Deb said...

Oh my, *giggle* I can't say I'd want a live one in my kitchen either! LOL

Shanster said...

Awww - next thing ya know he'll be sitting on your shoulder helping you with dinner... grin.