April 7, 2011

Mother Nature Can Push Some Buttons

Please forgive me for my lag in posting over the past week - or more. We’ve had situations here at this house that have pushed to the temptation of bringing out the bullets.  And I won't bother going through many of the details.

Miss Pain “ would be one of them. She decided to go broody. Two days later - she spat out the largest egg I’ve seen out of any of the girls - yet. It was such a nice - clean - gorgeous egg! And it was followed by her posting herself on the landing of the ramp in the coop - to unload all other matter. I’ll say it was not pretty - and leave it at that.

However - all the glory in the world to achieve after bestowing this heavenly homestead with such a glorious egg was trampled upon - awarding poor “ Miss Pain “ the horror of a prolapsed vent.

With all else going on here since - I completely forgot to get back to Susan Queen at Queenacres Homestead - my personal “ Chicken Whisperer “ - which I have adopted as my only thread of hope for saving my sanity at such moments!

Yes - I guess I will - forever - come across well-meaning advice on the Internet such as “ Preparation-H will do the trick - believe it or not ! “

Thank you, God - for punching me in the gut with that red flag and telling me - “ Ask Susan - FIRST ! “

Her advice made me cringe. But it’s just like having a brand new baby. When the love is there - nothing is too gross. Ya’ know ? She advised me NOT to use the Preparation-H.

Instead - I should sprinkle pure cane sugar on the vent.

Can you imagine!?? But it worked like a charm!

Anytime we’ve had a moment of weather safe enough for doing so - I’ve had to pluck “ Miss Pain “ out of the nesting box and force her to go outside for exercise and nutrition.

First round inside the chicken tractor with all the other Girls wasn’t going so well. A couple of the other hens were beginning to jump her and peck her.

I headed to the basement to get Tom Jones.

Once they started beating on her again - I just opened the door to the tractor and let Tom Jones inside.

The Wales namesake took immediate action and began spanking everybody’s butt! Within minutes - he had the entire flock in check!

Yesterday was her first voluntary romp from the nesting box out to the small enclosed yard with all the other Girls. It was as if nothing had ever happened. Calm restored!

The storms that have come through here over the past week or so have been absolutely unreal. This last one was not as bad as the one that had our chicken tractor running all over the place.

However - all the rain - all the fluctuation of temperatures - and all the wind that just won’t let up - it’s all just been a pain in the ass that has kept us fighting to get anything done around here.

And the hardest part is when you are trapped inside and can do nothing on that taunting list.

All the “ Spring Life “ trying to wake up around here has suffered a little bit of a bang - but not much. It’s as if all the fresh growth has decided to team up against Mother Nature and demand she allow color and beauty to come alive!

Remember this?

Look at it now!  A little over an inch wide now.

Yes!  Our Red Dogwood is going to be absolutely gorgeous this year!

My bulbs took a bit of a hit. But they survived a lot more better than I hoped!

Can you see the itty-bitty bunch of grapes wanting to come to fruit?

Yes! The Navaho Thornless Blackberries are gonna be absolutely loaded this year! I’m so glad we bought that net to keep Zucker and Carlie out of them!

And just look at this precious treasure! This is Monica’s tree! This is the Kwanzan Cherry Tree we planted last year to celebrate the life of a very dear and loving friend - Monica.

We planted this beauty for her sister - Heidi - as much as for ourselves. Both the girls were / are allergic to flowers. I guess you could say we found a way for Heidi to be able to plant flowers for Moni without suffering all the allergic reactions!

Each blossom reminds me of a perfect David Austin Rose!  And they remind me of the beauty of the love in the hearts that both - Monica and Heidi - always have for anyone crossing their path beholding their lives.

Those of us that know Heidi - know how blessed we all are by continuing to have her presence in our lives - and even more in our hearts and thoughts each day as we go on with our daily adventures!

As for projects - we did manage to get a bigger chicken yard fenced up for the Girls. But we didn’t have enough time to get the little door cut out on the coop. God willing - that will be taken care of during this next round of days off.

Dear God - Please make Mother Nature back off ! Thank You !


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Deb said...

Beautiful flower photos, I've so GOT to get one of those cherry trees, cause they sure are pretty in the spring! Not sure when it will happen, but hopefully someday. I'll enjoy your photos of it till then. :)