March 26, 2011

Rain - It Only Dents that List

I always get such a kick out of grabbing a shot of those tiny baby blossoms on our Red Dogwood tree as soon as they pop open like this.  Right now - this little treasure is only about ½ inch in size!

Spring is here.  Soon - it will be in full bloom!

For now - we’re waking up this morning being given the promise of 70% chance for rain and storms.

I don’t think the timing works for anybody under these circumstances.  But all this rain really puts a cramp in our schedule.  I could end up vacuuming and mopping wood floors in vain.

Such is the life of living in the country.  But I’ll take it over mudslides.  We’re lucky enough to be high on a hill.

Of course - being up here with all this sandy / clay soil keeps us from being able to have a pond.  But in all things about Life - there is compromise.

And yet - all the rain keeping us inside won’t mean it’s “ Movie Day “ in pajamas around this house.  I’ve got bread and lunch snacks to bake - laundry to knock out - a dog to bathe - furniture to dust - floors to vacuum and mop!

Yesterday - we discovered that we no longer need to buy charcoal for the smoker or the bar-b-que pit!

We bought a big torch for killing weeds earlier this year.  Dwayne got this wild idea to use it for getting the wood going in the big pit yesterday.  Worked like a charm!

As for the end result - Baby Back Ribs!  This was all we had left after supper.  I also made Coach Pat Summit’s “ Jalapeno Corn “ - and it’s absolutely delicious!

I sprayed a square cake pan and used one of my mixing bowls to put it all together before placing it in the pan for baking.  Reason - I used frozen corn.

Mixing the combined melted cream cheese and butter with the frozen corn was like dealing with Rice Crispie Treats.  Ya’ gotta mix it really fast.  But it’s worth it!

Our little Granny Smith Apple tree is blooming so pretty!

Our Pink Lady Apple tree is blooming just as well!  They both smell so wonderful!

And I’m having great success with my Tulips and Daffodil bulbs planted last Fall!  The tulips will be a really pretty red.

Monica’s Kwanzan Cherry tree is about to burst out in it’s second year of blossoms here at the house, as well.  I cannot wait to see what this beauty will look like in 5 years!  I love these trees!

Well - it’s time to hit the kitchen before I start on that list.  Homemade Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

I hope everyone has a great weekend - even if you have to tweak your own schedule!

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Deb said...

I love that cherry tree of yours...even if it is just for show not fruit! Maybe one day I'll be able to find one and afford it. Trying to get fruit trees first for the most part though. :)

Good luck with that list of yours...seems there is always so much that needs done around here, and I never manage it all. LOL