April 10, 2011

The Girls Are In Their Glory!

I just may get back to hauling in 9 eggs before the next few days!  It was a morning of fright and chaos while the saws were going ninety-to-nothing during early-morning egg-laying.  Unfortunately - we had a no-win situation going either way.  Move the girls - or not.

Luckily - the Girls were willing to compromise - once they discovered a new hole in the wall that allowed them to reach Heaven - a whole new yard full of space - green goodies - and hidden treasures crawling around!

In return for allowing them to supervise Dwayne while he constructed their new door - all would be forgiven.  The Girls would fall in love with Dwayne again.  And combined - of course - they even dropped 7 eggs for this day!

Mother Nature on the other hand - decided to have a bit of fun with her sling-shot.  The weather was her rock.  Literally - we jumped from the 50’s to a bashing 88* by the end of the day.

I always open the house up as soon as Dwayne leaves the house for work when the warm weather shows up.  But he’s home for the next 11 days now.  We just got our utility bill for this month.  And we’re getting to enjoy the relief of seeing a figure under $200.00.  Barely - but I’ll take it.

Since this friggin’ Government in our country isn’t going to do a damn thing about TVA raping our wallets to pay for their screw-up with the Coal Ash Spill - I will fight with all I’ve got in me to keep from using the air conditioning all we can.

Even Hubs - finally - agreed to just work with me on my successful little trick of opening the house until it reaches 70* outside!  At that point - we closed up the house - left the door to the basement open - and kicked up the speed on the ceiling fans.

We were able to open windows again - around 8pm - closing all windows along the two porches when we turned in for the night - leaving windows on both sides of the house open.

I woke up at 3:45am this morning to 63* and opened all the windows and doors to get all the coolness into this house possible - before we jump to 70* - again.

Despite all efforts - we may have to cave at some point.  They're giving us an expected 89* for the high today.

Insane.  57* one day - 89* only two days later.

Good thing I’m getting these shots while I can.  Looks like my gut feeling is proving correct.

Mother Nature seems only willing to crack the door open for Spring - and only momentarily - before blowing the door wide open to break loose one blazing hot Summer.

I’m just glad our lettuce has sprouted!  Looks like I’ll be planting those cucumbers for sure now.  We’re gonna be eating a lot of cold sandwiches and salads - very shortly.

Guess I’ll have to rethink this area - and plan on some more herbs!

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Deb said...

It's hot here this weekend too! What happen to spring? LOL We got some rain late last week, so the grass is really greening up and starting to grow finally...the cows are gazing longingly over the fence at the front yard and hayfield. Two of them remember how nice it was to be out on it last year. LOL

Bet your girls are going to love their new yard! :)