April 28, 2011

Just One Moment of Mother Nature's Wrath

It was a very long night for us - last night.

Sadly - there will be very long nights for so many - many more folks - all over the southern region of this entire country - after all the destruction from the horrible weather we experienced last night.

However - even worse - long nights will be twice heavy with hearts full of sadness for so many that lost loved ones in this terrible nightmare that Mother Nature unleashed yesterday and through the night.

I count my blessings for only having had about 3 hours sleep and one hell of a mess to clean up from shifting into Safety Mode - going up and down stairs on dozens of occasions after each Tornado Warning issued by the National Weather Service - as well as our local WATE 6 News and Weather Teams here in the Knoxville viewing area.

Everyone in this household is alive and well this morning.  And our home is not damaged.  After living through last night - there are not proper words to equal the amount of understanding - appreciation - gratitude and glory we give to God - for being blessed ever so very much.

During the night - I shot video of one of the moments of insane lightning striking out of control during one of the " waves " of Hell that came through East Tennessee.

I've broken slides down - just to share a sight.  Mind you - this was only one flashing moment - out of thousands.

On behalf of my husband and I - we wish to extend our sincere condolences to those that lost loved ones over the past 24 hours during this tragedy.

May God give each and every soul carrying sadness this morning whatever they need for comfort and strength to help them step forward until they are able to carry on with smiles on their warm faces after thoughts of those they loved and lost.

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Deb said...

These storms are just horrible! I feel for the people in their path too. :(