April 29, 2011

Diana Smiles in Heaven!

THE KISS! #RoyalWedding on Twitpic

I watched his mother marry his father.

Today - We all watch William marry His Chosen!

And I can only imagine the joy - the tears - the pride - and love that his mother is feeling as she watches from Heaven.

Without an ounce of doubt - she would totally approve of her new Daughter-in-Law!

And I cannot help noticing that the weather reports were proven - WRONG!

Sunshine arrived for their wedding day!

A gift from Diana?

May God lead these two in their marriage and their lives - seeding a transformation and a heap of hope and promise of good things to come for a country so deserving!

Best Wishes and God Bless the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - William and Catherine!!


Deb said...

I loved her dress!! I remember seeing some of his parents wedding too...I was 11 and watched it with my Mom. DH woke me up before 4:30 this morning to watch this one...now I'm soooo tired! LOL I'm glad I saw it, but to tell you the truth, he has been the one more interested in the whole royal wedding and kept track of it...I guess I don't keep up with news anymore, to many other things going on. LOL If he doesn't tell me about it, or I happen to see it when I'm doing my thing online, I don't hear about it. Thankfully he was kinda interested in the wedding, so I didn't miss it. :-))

Kristin said...

What a beautiful wedding today! I watched the wedding of Charles and Diana and it was fabulous too. It's not often we get a glimpse of a fairytale wedding. Diana would be proud.

ICQB said...

It was wonderful and made so many people happy everywhere!