April 26, 2011

The Corn is Planted !

It’s official!

The whole initial garden for this year is in!

Yeah - I know.  I’ll cave.  I’ll end up adding more - and more - until I can’t find one more square inch of space.

Actually - we do have other crops that require waiting until it gets a bit warmer before planting.  And - trust me.  We've made plans for spots!

The following shots were taken yesterday evening - after we had a very surprising and violent storm come tearing through.  We were lucky.  Many in Knoxville and other areas surrounding Knox County and East Tennessee were not.

Some are without power - still.  Many are living elsewhere - due to trees crashing through their homes.  Many are car pooling - due to trees falling on their vehicles - and other means of destruction suffered from the storm.

So - please join us as we keep all these folks in our thoughts and prayers - won'tchya' ?

We got the " Mirai White " Corn rows set and planted!

We’re going “ mini “ on the " Festina " Bush Beans this year.  I am backed up with green beans for miles - already!

This is where Cucumbers will be growing.  I decided to can some Bread ‘n Butter Pickles this year!

Our Red and Texas Sweet Vidalia Onions are looking gorgeous!

The Lettuce fell off the hill during one of the last two storms we had.  Looks like it’s growing wild.  But - it’ll be enough for now.  And I have plenty of seed for fall crop!

The Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts are doing just fine.  But I’ve got a challenge in front of me.  I didn’t research growing Brussel Sprouts enough.  We’re gonna have to rig up some serious support for those puppies.

The Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold Potatoes are looking awesome!  I had to go out and do this shot again - this evening.

The one taken yesterday was just not very suitable.  I wasn’t paying attention to everything in the shot.

Zucker was in the background - taking care of business.

But while I was out there - I took a shot of this!  Dwayne found a surprise today!  Check it out.

When you get closer…

Our very first Broccoli to set a floret - ever!


Jessica said...

That looks amazing! Envious of your space.

Deb said...

Yeah!! Bet it's a relief to have it in! We have yet to plant anything in ours, we were hoping to before now, but it keeps raining so when we could plant, we couldn't because it was to wet...hoping to later this week get some in, it's still to early for some things, but others should have been in by now. LOL Hoping we can manage this garden this year...DH is probably going to have back surgery this summer, so that could be a problem...since I don't know if I can manage my thing as well as his on top of it...guess I'll find out! LOL