March 8, 2011

Sodium Bustin' Tuesday!

( This would be considered ' Manipulation ' of the worst kind ! )

I would never survive and succeed with setting any New Year’s Resolutions.  I decided to begin busting sodium content every Tuesday - ohhhhhh, I dunno - a couple Tuesdays back?

My excuse - Valentine’s Day ( Touring the Titanic Museum with my Beloved in Gatlinburg, TN ! ) - and - ( “ Gaaaghhhh! “ ) Doctor’s appointment in Maryville.

In case you missed my initial post pertaining to my efforts with sodium busting - you can find it by clicking here.

As usual - it was before 6am while I was shooting these photos - while still waiting for the coffee.  If this were a school project - I’d give myself a B+ - for not taking 50 shots of the same thing - so one would come out perfect. 

As if it would make any difference here.  Ta!

The lighting is a trick when shooting these items.  Yeah - those manufacturers' label artists have done a great job for their clients.  You really have to pick your battles to get your point across when it comes to choosing your focus point.  They even go to measures with trying to keep you from being able to see the nutritional values by their choice of materials used to make the labels!

Pretty label - or - the stuff you’re talking about ? “ 

Remember - pay attention to the serving size.  With me being on a Sodium Restricted diet - I am now only allowed 1500mg. of sodium on a daily basis.

Okay - here we go.

( This would be a ' Good Guy ' !! )

 ( Much better to just use this in Coffee ! )

These guys worked very hard to make it difficult.  Placement of the nutritional values - in such a way that forced having to fold back the sealed edge of the wrapper - very carefully - to expose the information.  And I was not able to include the serving size.  You can check it out at the store.  But the serving size includes all 6 cookies.

( I wanna start drying my own tomatoes - out in the sun. )

( Can't wait until my apple trees begin fruiting ! )
As you can see - 1500mg can add up very quickly.  Avoiding even the small amounts included in some of these products can pay off.  Those small bits add up - just the same way as pennies add up to making dollars.

Sometime back - but after my first post about sodium busting - I heard the most sound advice.

I can’t remember if I heard it from a doctor - or - some very informed nutritionist.

Remember - I’m a mother.  I had children.  In life of Motherhood - you learn to pick your battles.

One must be choosy about hanging on to only the most important points.  God knows - kids can drive you to walking off the edge of a plateau with mayhem and confusion - if you allow them!

I had to choose remembering what was said.  I couldn’t remember both.

That’s why I suck at remembering names.

Oh - and because I’ve become an old tired goat.

NOT really!  Just checkin’ to see if you’re paying attention!

" Alright ! " - so I practice selective listening.  Hey - I'm over the age of 50 now.  I can do as I damn well please!

" So THERE - all you 18 year olds ! " 

Anyway - that sound advice was… 

" Enjoy your snacks within reason - as long as they’re the kind that you’re willing to make - yourself - from scratch - at home ! " 

Why ?  Because you don’t cheat by using fake crap that makes it taste like something you want it to taste like.

You use wholesome - pure ingredients.

You don’t cram all your goodies with junk to make it last on any shelf in your kitchen for a year or more!

You’re smart enough to know your talents with making snacks won’t survive living on any shelf for very long!

As for all those junk food manufacturers…

They’re sweatin’ bullets every day - wondering if all those millions of dollars they spent on fake crap for ingredients - and all that manipulative advertising - fooled you enough to buy their crap!

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Deb said...

*giggle* LOVE that photo of your fur baby, they do know how to "beg" for things they want, don't they!! LOL

I agree with cutting down on salt in food you buy like that...but your body does need salt, so don't forget there are good salts out there, just not table salt. Try to find a salt with minerals left in it, or I've heard some sea salts are good too, cause they still have the minerals. Course I doubt your doc would study, don't just take my (or his) word for it. :)