March 6, 2011

Don't Be Stupid - Plant That Veggie Garden!

Oh, there are words.  I just won’t use them here.

It rained non-stop overnight.  And to go outside and see this - a measly 2.3” of rain after all that noise last night?!

I think there must have been a family quarrel going on up in Heaven last night!

Can you believe - we only have 1 more week before turning our clocks forward - going into Daylight Savings Time - already!

I hope turning up the heat on the weather knob kicks in at the same time.

We’re in the ‘tweens with the seasons here - and the weather is not cooperating.  We can only hope that the ground will dry enough so we can get out to the garden before March 15th.  We need to get mushroom compost down and get all the rows hilled - ready for planting.

I did manage to get the flowerbed in front of the barn weeded for the better part.  I got over half of the flowerbed under the peach tree done - as well.  We’ll need another 3 days of dry - warm air before I can finish up with that task.

But I did go ahead and throw all my sweet alyssum seeds!  It’ll be fun to see which ones sink or swim - and where they do sprout - if they sprout.  I’ll count it as failure if not one seed - out of 5 packs doesn’t turn my head.

There's a specific reason why I'm caving in to growing some flowers this year.  We did not see but a couple of bees on our property last year.  Bees need pollinators within 2 miles around their hive.

It's important to me - to do what I can - to help bees.  Without Honeybees - nobody eats.

Besides - if things work out okay - I'm hoping Dwayne and I will be able to dive into Beekeeping.  We need more people to get involved with raising Honeybee colonies.  Anybody can do it - even from a very small backyard!

From all that I've read - it's a great hobby for young kids and teenagers.  And they can make money with it !

The first of our early spring seed crop planting will take place on March  15th.  We’ll be planting a few items in the “ Garden in a Bag “ scheme.  I’ve already picked up 4 bags.  I’ll be picking up another 4 bags on Monday - when I go into town for feed.

Mother Earth News Magazine has a wonderful article you can read if you click here for “ Garden in a Bag “ - along with an actual diagram in *PDF format that you can download and save to your computer!

There’s no reason for anyone not to grow their own food - especially this year.

Even those that live in apartments can find a spot outside for doing the “ Garden in a Bag “ theme.  And guess what else I saw.  You can take one of those large outdoor trash bags - stand it upright - fill it with dirt - tie the top closed - cut slits all up and down the bag and grow veggies that way!  It’s a vertical gardening version that they do in Sweden.

The price for groceries and gas is already becoming downright stupid.  And we haven’t seen anything - yet!

This would be the year to head to your neighbors’ homes and get everybody together to plant a garden.  Helping each other in 1 garden is so much easier than having a dozen gardens with only 1 or 2 people working them.

The more hands you have helping - the more you can grow.  That first year of buying a FoodSaver - Canning Equipment and jars has paid for itself after the first year - in the past.

Compared to the prices we will be seeing in the grocery stores this season  - any investment this Spring will be covered before Fall comes this year.

This will be the year to hunker down - band together - and get busy covering your butts.

I guarantee - those that don’t make the effort to grow as much food as they can for themselves - will hold a regret like none other that they may be holding right now.

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Deb said...

Ok, delete this comment if my other one went through...not sure what happened.

DH was hoping to get bees this spring, but we just don't have the money for all the stuff we need. However hopefully we can in the next year or two. I'd LOVE to have the beeswax and honey to play with!! :)