March 9, 2011

If Only Mother Nature had to Mop Floors

We will claim the early hours prior to 5pm yesterday - as a blessing.  For I was able to walk outside and take this shot.

And catch - this shot.

And - this shot.  I love snapping ‘ sneak ’ photos of somebody - even if they are too high in the sky!  I guess this one was a bit unfair.  Dwayne’s face is all red.  No - that’s not a ‘ morning after being drunk ’ red face.  He was bent over - working on the roof!

We’ve had issues with this metal roof - among all the problems pertaining to construction of this place.  The previous owners went the ‘cheap ‘ route and neglected to use all the proper materials to completely seal and protect from any leaks.

Dwayne spent time up there with the cordless drill - tightening up bolts before slathering silicon over 'em.

We've had a few leaks in the Master Bath and our Living Room.  No waterfalls - but - enough to get pissed !

It’s always something that ends up cutting in line to demand immediate attention on that never-ending ’ Honey-Do List ’ that hangs around our necks.

I did say it would take us 10 years to get ourselves established around here the way we planned.  Can’t say I like the idea of being proven right about this - at all.

Eventually - we’ll be dealing with that roof - having to go in and halfway dismantle to insert the sealing materials that should have been installed from the beginning.

But somehow - I have this strange feeling we just may end up giving up on closing in the basement and - going up with a second floor, instead.

At that point - who knows.  We could - very well - end up going back to an ordinary shingle roof.

For now - I keep watching color waking up and making its grand entrance to escort Spring into our lives - once again!

This little gem - makes me think about the development of a baby.  This will be one beautiful - Dogwood Bloom!  At this point it can be compared to a baby in its 5th month of development.

I tried taking photos of the two plum trees and the pear tree we bought - received and planted.  But - they look like - sticks - right now.   I couldn’t even see them well enough through the viewer on my camera to get a shot.

See what I mean?

Besides - those puppies will bring another story - later.  We’re actually waiting on a replacement tree.  Had a slight problem occur during shipping.

We barely managed to beat the gray skies yesterday - while getting the Girls and Tom Jones back into their safe havens.  No sooner did I make one more trip up the basement stairs and head through the house to the back porch when - a flat ‘ ting - ting - ting ‘ began moving from one end of the roof to the other.

And just like the storm that came through here a few days ago - the rain has been a steady - consistent - unbreaking challenge.  By the time I’d gone outside to turn lights off inside the coop at 8pm last night - water was already standing over the stepping stone at the front door to the coop.

The rain that comes with this storm has nowhere to go.  We’re being told our water table is completely saturated.  I only hope minds have wised up enough to stay off the roads - this time.

I mean - even Carlie has the good sense God gave a flea.

She knows when to stay out of the mess!  She's a Smart Girl !  I only wish she'd give up some of the Spitefulness for more Smartness.  " Wench. "


Deb said...

Oh no, I hate leaks! Hope you can get it taken care of, so you don't have to worry about it for a while. I hate to think about having to come up with the money to get our roof reshingled...I'm afraid DH is almost beyond that at this point so it would cost way more than we have now. Hopefully God will agree, and help it survive till we get out of debt, and have a little extra to save for it. LOL

Bet your furbabies will be glad to have some nice dry spring days to romp around outside, looks like Carlie is longing to go out. LOL

Beverly said...

Good morning, just stopping by for a visit. We are in the same "boat" (we might need one of those soon)...there is no place for all this rainwater to go anymore. So we just keep sloshing along!

Stay high and dry and have a good rest of your week!