March 3, 2011

" Mama Always Wins! "

Mother Nature gave us another gorgeous day - yesterday - for allowing us to get several tasks accomplished!  One of those tasks included finishing up with getting the landscaping fabric and mulch down around our Thorn-less Navaho Blackberry Bushes.

After spending a few years in Page, Arizona while growing up - I can’t help feeling a bit pinched every time I have to type out that name for those Blackberries.  Not sure who was responsible for naming the plant - but I am sure about one thing.

They never spent enough time in Arizona.

( Psssst… Hey, You… it’s “ Navajo “, Goofus. )

Isn’t Tom Jones looking handsome!  He cracks me up!  The Charmer freezes when I start shooting pictures of him now.

I wait in between shots - just to mess with him.  I'll just sit there and watch him through the lenz until he moves his head and looks at me with one eye.  It's like he's thinking - " Are you finished, yet ? " - before he moves again!

I know.  I'm going ta' Hell.  But he just makes it so much fun - I can't help myself!

Sadly - I must announce that we’ve had to isolate him from the hens.  Yes - Tom has developed into one of those robust - aggressive lovers that becomes totally obsessed with his women - failing to understand his own strength.

Is that nice enough?

Truth is - the hens needed about 11 more hens to join the flock - for help.  Tom was wearing 'em out.

Not only that - he was becoming downright - controlling.  Over a period of a week - I noticed he was refusing to allow the girls to go inside the coop to eat and drink.

I ended up putting another feeder and waterer outside.  It was as if that brought on a ‘ hmmf… ‘ out of him.  He just moved on to Plan B - and began corralling The Girls into a corner - refusing to let them go inside to lay their eggs!

Weights on the hens began dropping.  A submissive response began showing - heads down when I would approach.  Egg size and count began sliding downhill.  All of this - almost immediately - once I was able to begin letting everyone spend time out in their fenced yard.

He was beginning to abuse The Girls - to get back at me.  Those male hormones were taking on another growth spurt.  That ‘ Mac-Daddy ’ Syndrome was growing larger - stronger - more dominant.

Apparently - he reached a moment when he decided that he just no longer like the idea of me being around - his women.

I became a threat to Tom Jones.

- if only he really knew how much of a threat I will always be!

( I just love my little Crocus flowers ! )

But for now - Tom has compromised.  He is content to remain outside - while the Girls are inside the chicken tractor.  He guards - protects.  And when I’m not looking - ( so he thinks ) - spends a little more time trying to dig his way under - to get inside.

It leaves Tom Jones feeling like he hasn’t been stripped completely of all his Manhood.  He’s allowed to keep that opinion that he’s managed to get one up on me - just enough to keep him - somewhat satisfied.

Little does Tom realize - it's no sweat off my back.  Hey - who am I to turn down a babysitter?

Okay - are we deep enough into this conversation that you can’t remember if we’re talking about a chicken - or men ?

End result - I'm back to 9 outta 9 on the daily egg count and - they're larger than ever before!

" Mama always wins ! "

Moving along…..

In an earlier post - Shar asked me if I knew the name of this ' weed ' that's blooming on our property right now.  After all the time spent yesterday - trying to remove it from around the bulbs in our flowerbed - I remembered to go dig it up on the Internet!

I cracked up when I found the common name.  They call it ' Henbit Flower ' - and I am NOT making that up!  You can read about it right here !

On today's list - battling more Henbit !


Have a great day, Y'all!

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Deb said...

Wow, it's greening up there already; I think we need to MOVE!!! LOL

Funny about your rooster, they can get to big for their britches. :)