March 2, 2011

Cold - Warm - Soaked - Wet - Dry - Sunshine!

I shall call these - Peace Shepherds!

They brought the strength for meeting brick walls with compromise!

( Please excuse the coffee stain ! )

They come from the recipe found on the bottom of the lid for the Quaker Old-Fashioned Oats box.

Everybody has their own version - adding their own little - “ tweak “ - to the recipe.

Here’s mine:

I doubled the recipe.

In place of the optional 1 cup raisins - 1 cup dried Cranberries and 1 cup dried Cherries. ( I find them at WalMart ! )

I had Dwayne wrapped around my pinky!!

The past few days have been - more or less - a confusing mish-mash of events.

Things are beginning to wake up around here and tasks are beginning to increase.  Smack in the middle of that oncoming event of the switch turning off winter and turning on spring - chaos abounds in a multitude of ways that bring change by the minute - in every detail of life requiring attention.

We were like the cow on the hill when the storm hit here the other day.  Yet - even our property experienced standing water - another “ first “ since buying this place.

Once the sun went down for the evening after the storm passed - we watched an incredible sight from our window.

These were shot with the night vision on my little Canon Instant Shot - reason for the grainy effect.

It was like the fog just came bubbling up from below the ground to devour everything in sight.  Within less than 10 minutes - we could barely see our neighbors’ mobile home.

Went for my 8am counseling appointment yesterday morning - for no reason.  My appointment was set for 1:15pm.  Dwayne had checked the calendar for me.  I dunno what happened.  *snicker*

But I made the best of the wasted trip by stopping off at Home Depot and picking up 4 2.4cu. Ft. bags of potting mix for my “ Garden in a Bag “ fun!

The weather is supposed to be nice enough today that we’ll be able to clean up the rest of the blackberry patch - get the landscape fabric set down and lay the mulch.

We’ll be weeding under the peach tree - where my crocus bulbs are blooming!!  Yayyy!  And we’ll hit the flower bed to yank weeds, as well!

All that - of course - after we get the chicken coop cleaned.  *sigh…*

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Deb said...

I bet watching that fog was really cool!! I love foggy mornings, when it's just low laying fog, and you can see trees sticking up through it in the distance with the sun shining. It's so beautiful, especially if it's in the spring or early summer, when the trees are green! :)