March 10, 2011

Stuck on A Cuspis

The timing is so out of sync at this house.  Quickly - it’s becoming one of those things where all the gorgeous weather is falling on days when Dwayne has to return to work.

And all the crappy days are falling during his days off.

We’re not the least bit impressed or happy about that.  Stuck.  Can't get anything on that list accomplished.

Granted - we need the rain.  We just need it thinned out over the calendar!

There’s just something wrong with floods happening for a couple months - before months and months without even a single drop from the sky.

Okay - Family Meeting!  “ Hey, God !  Would you, please, tell Mother Nature to shake her water globe, again ?!

We did manage to get a break at one point in the day.  I was lucky enough to glance out the front window in the Living Room.

Headed out to the front porch to catch this view of the Great Smoky Mountains.  This is one of those views that makes me wanna get into a car and just - take that drive up there!

Sadly - time passed shortly before this reality made its presence known.  Believe it or not - it’s pouring down rain - cold rain - colder than any we’d had so far.  Cold enough to call a rising of the fog.

It’s the kind of day when all you can do is - give in and…

Bake more bread!

1 comment:

Deb said...

It does usually seem to have the good days, when you can't enjoy them and get some work done. LOL

Beautiful photos, some day I so want to visit your neck of the woods, so I can see the mountains...I've spent far to many vacations in the rockies...and none in the smokies. Although, I almost forget what "vacation" means, cause we never get one anymore. *giggle* Don't guess it really matters, I love being here on the farm. :)

I've GOT to bake bread myself, been lax on that chore lately and I'm dying for some!