March 19, 2011

Dirt - Dust - And a Lotta Crash 'n Burn

Yard décor ?  Umm… No.

Tom Jones seems to be settling in just fine as “ Master Roo “ around here.  Apparently - he became bored with The Girls and decided to follow the pups up to where we were working in the garden.

He has now become BFF with Dwayne’s workshop.  It provides all the dirt baths Tom can muster.

Tom thinks he’s found Heaven.

We’ve been busy this round of days off.  We had the trip into town to deal with grocery shopping and other errands.  Cleaned The Girls’ coop and the spot in the basement we now call “ Tom Jones’ Apartment. “  ( He’s using the chick brooder until we can get him set up properly in the barn. )  Made that trip to the Monterey Mushroom Plant here in Loudon on Thursday.

We got the mushroom compost spread over the garden that day.  For some reason - we were warned that the compost is extremely strong this year - and we should till it under without fail.  Dwayne took care of that on Friday - while I set up the bags of potting mix so they could dry a little before I plant the cool crops.

Afterwards - I spent the rest of the day going up and down stairs to do laundry.  In between - I got busy making a couple loaves of bread.

This is the first time I’ve tried making wheat bread.  The recipe gave 3 choices for a sweetness.  I went with Molasses - and it came out tasting really good!

We’re having what they are calling “ The Super Moon “ right now.  Tonight’s view is supposed to be the best.  But I shot this last evening without even knowing until turning on the television this morning to watch T.J. Holmes on CNN.

Came time to put the birds up for the night - last evening.  Beyond changing water - the Girls were set.  We were expected to have temps in the 50’s - so I just left their little door open all night long.

Attempted to put Tom Jones to bed in his little ’ apartment ’ before heading upstairs.  We have a routine.  Dwayne takes Tom inside - I bring his food and water when I finish up with the Girls.

By the time I got inside - Dwayne had already gone upstairs.  I found my Rooster standing on top of our 3-drawer file cabinet.

The smear in the dust on the top of it told me his attempt to get up there didn’t go very well.  Let’s just say - if he ever pisses me off enough - he’d make a great duster!

We set up a secure rod across the brooder for him to roost after getting him down from the top of the file cabinet.

As you can see - that wasn’t good enough for Tom.

But - this next adventure kinda backfired.

I went down to collect Mr. Tom Jones - as I do whenever weather permits - and take him out to the Chicken tractor. ( He stays there until all The Girls have pretty-much finished laying their eggs for the day. )

But when I got down there - Tom had attempted moving to - yet - another spot on the shelf unit - overnight - in the dark - and - got stuck.

I had to stuff him back under the shelf and pull things out from under him.  Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

He ended up sliding out - landing on a coffee can and flipping it over.

Reminded me of those loggers that compete on the rolling logs in the water.

Poor Tom.

He crashed and burned!


That’s what he gets for those two times he bit me on my leg and hand.

I’m not crying - trust me.


Leslie said...

LMAO @ Tom! What a good giggle to start my day! Have a good one! :)

Deb said...

Glad you had some good days off, and wow, LOVE that moon photo with the trees. Beautiful!

Sometimes it's annoying how much the chickens love a dirt bath, when they manage to dig holes where you don't really want them. LOL Hopefully your's won't! :)