March 22, 2011

Hey, Hubs - Where We Gonna Plant the Beans?

The past couple of days have been severe.  I’ve spent the majority of the daylight out in our garden.

Dwayne was able to get the tilling finished before heading back to work.  Because of Mother Nature’s time clock - I’ve been out there setting up rows and planting by myself.

No.  My rows aren’t all even and anal.  Martha Stewart would bitch about that - I’m sure.  And she can just love living in America for a little bit longer because she doesn’t have to come to my house for dinner!

We won’t discuss the bit about my lapse in memory forgetting to invite her.

I’m waking up feeling like somebody beat the ever-lovin’ fool out of me.  But it’s worth the slow-motion antics I endure - as I make my way around the house to open windows so early in the morning!

Pays off - around 2pm - when the heat begins to peak.  We're supposed to have 86* temps today - according to - which has been off by about 6* every day for the past month now.  So - we could hit the 90's out of the clear blue today.

I'm not ready for that.  But then, again - is anybody ever ready for such a thing?

This is only March.  I think Mother Nature is trying to find a way to mess with me again.  No.  I will not.  I refuse to believe we will not see another freeze before April 15th.

I will not plant those tender mercies any earlier.  " Go sit on some cactus, Mother Nature ! "

My first day of planting consisted of a few new things this year - well - new for this household.  I planted seedlings of kale - broccoli and brussel sprouts.  It was too late to plant the actual seed - believe it or not!

Oh, well - " Mama always wins ! "  When all else fails - hit Home Depot’s Garden Center!

The seed that I did manage to plant consisted of two varieties of Mustard Greens.  And of course - I find a little nest of insane wisdom at the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension website - after I’ve already planted the Mustard Greens seed.  I can only hope I’ll get lucky.

UT has a plethora of guides in *.Pdf format that you can download and print - or - save to your computer for later reference!  Some detail specifics for the East Tennessee region.  But they‘re of great help to anyone living in the same Hardiness Zones.

And you can find them by clicking HERE !

Yesterday was spent setting up rows and planting red onions - Vidalia onions - Red Pontiac potatoes - Yukon Gold potatoes and Danvers Carrots.

I’m becoming concerned.  I’m not so sure we’re gonna have enough room in the garden.  And it looks like we could end up spending the next round of days off tilling up another area.

If you think this is funny - wait until it’s time to weed - harvest - can and freeze all this crap!

I’m off to find my water hose - and Carlie’s radio collar.  ( I think I left it on the boat, yesterday. )

And if that Girl in the coop doesn't stop gargling as if she thinks she's a duck - I'm gonna turn her into a stuffed animal!


Deb said...

I bet you are tired! You are so lucky to be able to plant so soon though...not that we are even close to being ready to, but...hopefully we can get going on finishing up getting ready soon! :)

Shanster said...

Wow that IS hot! We were at 18 this morning in Northern CO when I left for work. Brrr. Esp. since I'm trying to WILL Spring to get here by wearing a skirt and no tights. Again - brrr.

You are so busy and I haven't even started in the yard yet! *head hanging in shame*