March 17, 2011

Picture Perfect Busy Day!

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday!

And it’s supposed to hit 70* here, today!

We’re heading to Monterrey Mushroom’s plant today to load up the truck with Mushroom Compost.  We’ll be spending all of today spreading the compost over the garden.

Most likely - that will mean two trips.  We give the other flowerbeds - fruit trees - blackberries and grapes a dose as well.

We had a situation where one of the plum trees ordered from Stark Brothers arrived damaged.  Unfortunately - it was snapped during shipment - leaving less than 22 inches of trunk connected to the root system.  It's always recommended no less than 24 inches.

Stark Brothers was very wonderful and shipped another of the same tree to replace the damaged tree.  We got it planted yesterday!

Dwayne and I extend our thanks to Stark Brothers - especially Brenda H. - Internet Sales Representative - for her fantastic customer service and quick response!  They'll be hearing from us, again!

It smells like wild onions around here now!  Dwayne decided to do that first mowing of the year.

He even wore out his arms with the weedeater.

The blooms on our ' Georgia Belle ' Peach tree are popping open!

Free Composted Manure!

It was time to clean house for The Girls - again !  Always smells good after I finish - until the Girls invade the joint!

They were in their glory while I cleaned their house!  Tom Jones ' babysits ' for me!  Every once-in-a-while he'll get tired and come follow me around the place.  He's right there with us when the pups and I take walks on the property.  Just like another one the dogs!

There just aren't enough words to describe the relief - and the excitement we all feel around this house right now - just being able to walk inside the presence of Spring in the air!

And just imagine - we're about to get ready and head out to load up with something kinda stinky to spread on the garden that's gonna waffle with all the good smells in the air!

We just hope everyone else is having as much fun as we are right now!

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Deb said...

Glad you were able to have a good day to work outside for a change!! I was busy inside like usual, not sure why I can't seem to get everything caught up so I can play on the computer. If I decide to play, I'll probaby just have to let things go and do it, and it's already looks like I've been doing that. LOL I'm just not a very fast worker I guess, but I swear I've been busy! So need to scrap though, can't stand being so behind on getting my yearly photos into books! :(