February 26, 2011

Weeding Pastures

( I just love Crocus blooms ! )

As I take time to read posts submitted at other blogs - something is becoming quite clear to me.  Good people are really struggling right now.

Most of us in the country have had quite an extraordinary winter season - quick to impact many of us with a sense of heaviness.  The economic and social upheaval that has turned our country upside down does not help - to say the very least.

( Coneflower ' Red Sunset ' is waking up, again ! )

Somehow - I’m beginning to feel that we’re all seeing a completely different vision of ‘ Change ‘ in our country than what we all had in mind.  I know that for myself - what’s going on feels like that change has gone way far into the opposite direction from what I was led to believe our President - Barack Obama - meant during his campaign.

And it’s impossible to blame him - alone.  All in all - one cannot help feeling that our entire government body has transformed into a very concentrated source of self-centered motivation.

( A yellow Crocus bloom about to open ! )

When you have so many people from all over the country making some of the very same comments as one another - one cannot claim that all those people doused by the impact are wrong.

( Our Daffodils are popping through the ground ! )

As I always say - “ It is what it is.  And if ya’ want it sugar-coated… Go to Dunkin’ Donuts ! “

In this case - that would be something I’d love to shove in the minds of our government - face to face.  Close enough that my compassion and ability to speak the words out would clash enough to bring on one of those unexpected - “ Oh, sorry.  Didn’t mean to spit on you. “ - moments toning that same empty appeasement that we all receive from our leadership in this nation.

One of the phrases I’m not hearing during this go-round really surprises me.  Is it just me - or - is the media downright avoiding labeling this mess dividing our country into the two groups of “ The Haves and The Have Nots ? “

( Our Red Dogwood is loaded with buds for this year ! )

All my life has been spent in a fight to survive.  And all my life - I have always chosen to dig as deeply as it takes - until I find something good - in even the worst case scenarios.  My sanity depended on it.  Turning 50 years old gave me the reward I’d earned by doing that.

 ( The Tulips are breaking ground ! )

You learn how to weed your pastures at certain periods of time in your life - especially after you turn 50 years old.  And you reach a point where you just no longer feel any need to worry - or care - anymore - about speaking truth that might piss off mean - ugly - bad people.

 ( The Thornless Navaho Blackberries are begging to bud out ! )

Nobody has room for somebody else’s intentions and attempts of bestowing malice upon their plate - especially when that plate is already crammed with the challenges of survival during an economic melt-down.

And so you weed your pastures - and you begin tilling them with other good people - to share a harvest to come as you all work together - helping each other get through Hell on Earth.

 ( My Candytuft is beginning to pop ! )

This is what I was thinking about while I shot all these photos yesterday.


Deb said...

Ahhh spring is coming to your neck of the woods!! You are a bit ahead of us...we still have snow on the ground, but it's suppose to warm up again this week...I just hope thats our last snow. LOL

As for the "leaders" in the government, I just think they don't really care about us poor folk....only about themselves and maybe their rich friends. :(

Leslie said...

Good post today!!

Queenacres said...

Government is not, has never been the answer. There's never been a man that we could lean on, count on, or has ever sacrificed for us like Jesus Christ...nor will there ever be. Trust Him, work hard, share with others, and enjoy the beauty in this world that God gave us.

No bumps on the grapevine...I think it may be gone. As for the garlic, I will send you some :)