February 25, 2011

That Paradoxial Period

Daylight timed itself right along with the literal passing of the storm blanketing our area overnight.  Just like the bursting seam on a pair of pants worn by a fat girl bending over too fast ( Confession - I can speak on authority ! ) - the blanket of black clouds above our place pretended to be the curtain on a theatre stage - opening wide to expose the beauty of a one-time masterpiece played out by a troupe of clouds.

Combined with the sunrise for today - drama came to life and began sweeping all around us.

We were much more fortunate that so many others.  There are those waking up this morning with their homes destroyed.

The dose of heavy rains will be gladly absorbed by all the sleeping growth waiting for that “ secret whisper “ from Mother Nature that only her rooted charges can hear.

Won’t be long before the weeds will be overpowering my patience - laughing at me and mocking me.

How can something so pretty - delicate and petite behave like such a - weed ?

But as it goes - we get half a break for today.

The rain may be on its way elsewhere. But it forgot to drag all the wind with it.

So it’s a day of listening to the wind chime going nuts - and Zucker trying to compete with the noise.

Almost drives one to put the ear muffs back on while doing housework.


~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

Those are some dark clouds! Any idea what the weed is? It is pretty! The little sign in feature wasn't willing to let me sign in so hopefully a comment will suffice!

Deb said...

Beautiful shots! :)