February 23, 2011

Drive, Drive, Drive that Booked Schedule!

Google comes through for me - once again !

That obsession with seeds has grown a bit more.  I know I’m so sorry !  I couldn’t help it.

It’s not all my fault.

Currently - I’m reading a novel titled - “ My Antonia “ written by Willa Sibert Cather.  Somewhere hidden deep within the plot - ( “ Do you really think I’d spoil such fun for you ? “ ) - there is mention about a discovery of Ground Cherries.

I’d never heard of such things - until that moment.  And of course - I must know what they are.  Because - they’re edible.

Not only did I find the little treasures.  I found the real - true - purest of all purest - 100% Organic seeds!

Well of course - I found other treasures!

I went to school in Bellingham, Washington.  I lived in Bellingham, Washington.  I once played on trails of a mountain behind our apartment complex - trails which led to a college in Bellingham, Washington.  I learned about how to find Huckleberries in Bellingham, Washington.  And made myself sick from eating so many prunes from right off the tree - in Bellingham, Washington.  I was a kid - in Bellingham, Washington.

You should go there.  It's beautiful up there!

More treasures.

All of these treasures will be going into my “ Garden in a Bag “ fun. 

My posting has been somewhat sporadic over the past week.  The calendar has been booked.

I had another dental appointment - this time in Maryville - yesterday.

There have been two trips to Maryville this week during this round of days off.  For Dwayne - that’s like driving to work two more extra days.  Makes me feel horrible.  But priorities demand compromise.

The pups were taken to Maryville on Monday - back to our original Vet that we had before we moved to Loudon.

The situation - simply - became that ridiculous - enough to have us cave in and deal with the difficult schedule and drive to get the proper care they need for a fair amount - without a bunch of games.

As they say on Twitter - #ThatisAll I am going to say about that experience.

I’m thinking Zucker has done the math and become resentful towards us since that appointment. “ They take me to this really neat place - and now I get stuck going through this crap - again ! “

He’s begun protesting - giving us a fight against eating his meals.  Unless somebody says “ Cheese “ - or - “ Cookie “ - he does nothing more than pout - beyond occasional breaks outside.

You'd think he'd appreciate the fact that I compromised - and only trimmed his winter coat because we have more cold nights and mornings coming.

He’s now back on his Thyroxin - twice a day.  The boy despises the pill-taking suffocation attempts.  Well - that’s what he considers to be our goal.

Apparently - he could not care any in the least about the fact that he gets a cookie for taking a pill.  He considers himself to possess royal blood enough for receiving a cookie anytime he sits up pretty.

I say that royal blood needs to be considered the culprit to his demise of having to suck it up twice a day for those meds!

Carlie - on the other hand - to an extent - I get it.  I can’t blame her for developing resentment as the soreness creeps in a day later.

Personally - I’d be drawing blood on hands and fingers as soon as that muzzle came off.  How dare anyone impose such trauma while pinching then poking two rather thick needles between my shoulders and neck!

So what!  You can take that little green bell-shaped shiny tag and….

Lucky for Daddy and me - none of the effects bringing on resentment were felt until after we were back home!

Naturally - I made sure we didn’t leave town before stopping off at The Horn of Plenty.  I picked up my starters for Vidalia Onions - Red Onions - Yukon Gold potatoes - and New potatoes!

All in all - the ride all the way to and from Maryville was a treat for both pups.

Zucker took his self-claimed position on the dropped center console of the pickup - backed up and leaning against Daddy - with this smart-alack look on his face as if he wants the world to know that he‘s “ part of the team “ moving this big bing cherry machine.

However - it was Carlie that created all the entertainment for us on the way back to the house.

Her hind quarters were standing on the backseat floorboard - while the rest of her stretched all the way to the far edge of the dropped center console of the pickup.

Poor Zucker ended up with only a chintzy corner of space.

And upon our turn-off from Hwy. 444 - onto one of the many winding roads in between to our house - Carlie seemed to stretch and sway as if she were auditioning for the front seat of a Luge competition!

Even the look on Zucker’s face was hilarious!

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Deb said...

You will have to let me know how the ground cherries do, I'd love to try them myself, if we actually get to where we can make a go at gardening! (Don't want to try to much at once...we are already planning a LOT bigger garden than last year.)

Funny about the dogs...ours usually love to go on rides too, although Peaches doesn't really, but we haven't taken her many places. Going to have to try to get her more used to riding this summer I think. LOL

BTW, that book you are reading is about one of my DH's relatives. Just a little trivia for you. :)