February 6, 2011

Punk'd by @Pink

My post for today was gonna be about the bread I baked yesterday. But -

I’ve been rolling around in bed - wide awake - since 3am with two issues kneading my brain - until finally I said - “ Screw it ! “

I'll brag about the bread tomorrow.

Both of these issues take me way off my plateau here - far from baking bread - and even far from stepping in chicken poop.

Fair Warning.  Feel like testing your fortitude?  If so - come along with me!

The first issue that drove me nuts was Dwayne’s cell phone screamin’ in the middle of the night - “ My battery’s dead !  My battery’s dead !  Come charge my battery !  NOW !

Been a long time since I felt that agony from being awakened and prodded out of bed to go tend to a crying baby.  The difference is - babies are for snugglin’ with - and cell phones are for - well - some think they’re for throwing at housekeepers.

As for the second issue - I summed it up with a friend of mine last night.

I got Punk’d by @Pink.

I won’t go into all the details.  If you’re not familiar with Pink - you can go to her website - here.  But I will give you fair warning - if you’re not willing and ready to go there with an open mind - don’t bother.  Because you just won’t get it.  But trust me - it would be a loss for you.

She comes from some of the same places in life as me - while growing up.  Yeah - I know.  “ Whouldda thunk ? “  What can I say?  Some of us go for tiny nose rings - some of us go for huge nose rings.

Don’t even get me started on tattoos.  She has ‘em - my dog has one.

And both are just so damn incredible!

I could end up being that vision of the old granny rockin’ in her rockin’ chair out on the porch - to “ So What “ blaring through the speakers and the windows of my house some day!

Not quite ready - yet.  But maybe someday.


Anyway - Pink and her husband, Carey Hart , are about to become first-time parents!  Yeah - Wench has a bun in the oven - and I am so excited for her!  I have a pretty good idea how deep in the heart this subject goes for her.  It’s an issue that’s gonna take her free-flying.  I think this is gonna be one of those really - really - heavy subjects for a deep journey in her personal life.  But - I think it’s one that she is so ready for!

She’s had two songs come flying out the windows over the past few weeks and just yank that Number 1 spot off the charts like it’s nobody else‘s to possess!

I was deep into stopping the world and enjoying my fun with cranking up the volume every time “ Raise Your Glass “ comes on the radio when I caught her Tweeting the link to a video she’d just completed for the next one.

It was like having a stroke when I saw the title.

My heart hit the floor.  Absolutely - shocked.  All I could do was shake my head east and west.

Wow !  She really blew it on this one.  Timing sucks.  No time for something like this to be coming out while having your first baby.  What in Hell is she thinking ?

Right off the bat - my opinion was that this was gonna be my first Pink CD  that I would not be buying.

Didn’t change my heart for Pink - at all.  Love that wench like she was my own kid!  She gifted the relationship between Jen and me with a bridge - at a really crucial time in Jen’s life while she was in high school.

But - I decided to just let this one lay low and flow without my input.

And then last night’s “ Saturday Night on Twitter “ came along.  And one of my friends popped off about not understanding all the hype over the title - because " there wasn’t one single cuss word in the entire song. "

That drew my curiosity.  Twisted idea.  But that would be right up Pink’s alley.

Okay - I had to see the video.  Headed over to YouTube.com.

Made it to the first round of chorus when I realized - obviously - my friend had only heard the radio version.  The one and only cuss word in the song is - very much - present in the song.

However - by the time you discover this - you - are - hooked.

I don’t care who you are - if you have a heart deep enough for love and compassion about girls growing up in this world - you will be hooked.

If you can peel that society-embedded shallow hypocrisy-fed negativity hiding behind simple words that keeps us all from accepting - facing - and fighting to beat certain realities that have no place in this world…

Most likely - you will find yourself crying - way before this video finishes.

The video and the dirty words - ( not the lyrics ) - are the brutality allowed to exist in this world.

And the musical melody put together for this song - that is Pink - everything beautiful that she is - feeling safe enough to show the world - pouring out her heart and all it connects with over these issues about girls.

Do not misunderstand me.  I am not saying she went through any of these situations in the video.

There is a level of Hell in Life that brings all survivors together - able to connect with one another when it comes to the same feelings being affected - by the same amount of pain - regardless of the actual nightmare one has suffered.

I had to sit down and write this now - while all this is fresh in my mind.  She Punk’d me!  Funny - the wench is totally unaware!  But I’m okay with that.  Her loss!  LOL

She made me see how gullible I can be.

She made me eat my own medicine - “ You know what happens when you ASS-U-ME !

This wench has gifted me - again !

Pink has taken a really dirty word - that is played in so many ways around this friggin’ screwed-up society - and used it to show us all how shallow-minded and how quickly some of us are willing to assume.

Okay - many of us.  ( She’d argue until I said that. )

I’m left wondering - how many people in this country will refuse to absorb the depth of what she’s really trying to get across in this song and video - all because of - a word.  A really stupid - simple - word.

I mean - there are words you can throw at someone - directly - and do great harm - which is just totally wrong and proves how much of a coward one is behaving like by doing such a thing.

All I know right now is - I owe Pink an apology.  And I am so sorry.  I have always trusted her judgment with her choice of content.  And this is one where I really should have stood strong and put faith in her deep and real sense of good judgment.

Fair Warning -

This is the full-fledged video.  This is NOT the cut version for radio and television play.  Unfortunately - there are those that may be offended by content.  I would not recommend viewing in the company of children.

But if you can open your mind enough to let go of allowing “ dirty words “ enough weight to keep you from receiving the message - trust me.

Personally - I don’t think God breaks a sweat over worrying about some word used in this effort.

And let me say this - there is absolutely NOTHING in this video that God has never seen.

*** Note:  Just before posting to my blog I scrolled down further on Pink’s website and found a personal message from her about this video.  I’m going back to read it after I finish the tech crap here.  But I can already feel Goosebumps.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone that see's Pink for who she really is. She is a gift to all those that love and appreciate her. I WILL be old and wrinkled, on the front porch rocking with her...I just wish SHE knew the impact she is having on our hearts and minds.

Deb said...

I don't know her songs...I'm stuck in the 80's and early 90's country scene. *giggle* However it is a pretty song, and the message is great...although I am one who thinks she probably could have gotten that message across without the use of THAT word, although I realize it does get noticed more this way. Without ticking anyone off, can I just say I was a little more shocked at the opening than the use of the word in the song. LOL What can I say...I'm a prude.

Love your bread, it looks really yummy!! I really need to make more this week myself. :)

Scarlet said...

Thank you for posting that. I don't think I would've seen it without you. And I needed to see it.

Anonymous said...

You should know Pink sent me here from Twitter...That's how awesome this blog was....I'm with you on her she rocks my socks

Leeds Locksmiths said...

By far the best song Pink has released - and finally the old uns are seeing what a talent the USA has. An artist to all men!

Cheers Pink.

Glass raised!

Leslie said...


Abi said...

She truly is an amazing, inspirational woman and a great role model to everyone

Anonymous said...

Did you realize that Pink actually read your post? Check her Twitter account :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou P!NK soo much. Another song which I can work through my issues on. This song ( and video ) describes and shows my life. I've been through pretty much everything on the video and to be honest I dont think I would be here right now if I hadn't got obessesed with the magic therapy of music. You helped me cry. You made me survive. Myself being 13 has come and past, I am now nearly 15 and I believe in myself now. I may not be perfect but im fucking perfect to my special guy out there. Im happy the way I am. I don't want to be anyone else and he wouldn't want me to be anyway. Thankyou P!NK I couldn't have done it without you. You made me want to be me. If I could write you a song to show you how I owe you my life, I would. Thankyou , Kim xx

Anonymous said...

Great post! Tnx 4 this! I've been stuck 2 her songs for 10yrs, and I'll be 4ever (especially if she keeps writing awesome songs). I'd like that way moore peeps understand FP vid the right way! :)

Aries said...

Thanks for posting this video.. I hadn't gotten a chance to see it yet(what with school and responsibilities that I have)... It made me cry.

I know the feelings in this song.

Gail Kolak said...

wow i really enjoyed reading that :) P!nk has saved my life ,well i think so anyway ,she made my battle with cancer bearable by listening to her music while undergoing treatment ,i love her with all my heart .she isn't scared to talk about real issues that effect real people ,and if all the world LISTENED to her everyone would love her .sometimes i don't think she realises how much we need her in our lives .i too am so happy she and Carey will be parents ,that child will grow up with a wonderful outlook on life ,thank-you for writing this xx Gail xx

Anonymous said...

Pink's tweet brought me here. As a result I watched the video for the first time, and I watched it with the correct mindset thanks to your message. Let me say, it registered. My 13 year old daughter might never notice the change in me, but I'll try to be mindful of the pressures she will face in the coming years.

Namaste said...

Wow ....This is awesome so glad I followed the link to read it and I agree I think Pink has a natural knack for being able to say what she wants in such a way that she is not direspectful to anyone directly but is strong in what she believes is important. She gives a voice to the people who don't believe enough in themselves to feel important. I am a mother of 3 girls under 12 and I am so grateful to have an idol like her that they look up to. Her language is a little harsh at times but kids are gonna hear it somewhere, I see it as she just has the right message to back her and my girls know when to bleep the words lol. As for the rocking chair...there are gonna be a whole lot of rocking seniors homes in the next 50yrs lol.
That bread looks awesome BTW lol
Have a fantastic week
Kelly another Pink "Senior Rocker 2B in a few years lol

Anonymous said...

didn't know you or your blog since a retweet bye Pink, but I'm really wondering... Are you over there really refusing it because of "the word"?

I didn't even think about another meaning.
You know it's P!NK, so what else could it mean?
Could be a *** perfect life at the moment, a happy song bout her acutal situation.
Or another song 'bout cruel life, like many before.

So yeah, I'm from Germany and only 24 years old, so maybe it's a question of Generation? Should ask my Mom if she would refuse to listen, just because of the title... But she wouldn't listen to Pink anyway ;)

WeldrBrat said...

{Hugs} to all of you! Thanks for taking time to read my post. And you, too, Wench! ;)~

I hope it breaks some ice and warms the water for anyone taking time to allow themselves to receive the gift found within.

I only ask one favor - we all need to pray that God gives Carey the patience to wait a few years before buying that first bike!